Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2nd Jerry Hanken FIDE Winter Open

I would like to thank the Berry twins for their hospitality and for running a great event. I had a great time and made many new friends.  I would also like to thank Prakash and his son Aadithya for tolerating me on the Dallas-Stillwater leg of the trip.

 Clear first with 6.0/7.0 was Serbian IM Goran Vojinovic 

Complete results here

Last round drama

Jeffery Xiong was tied with the IM on 5.5/6.0
Since they had already played, they were paired against two players on 4.5/6.0

Goran Vojinovic vs William Orton(2200)
Jeffery Xiong vs Sergey Galant(2142) 

Most people predicted wins for the leaders.

The IM drew relatively quickly leaving the door open for Jeffrey to get clear first with a win. But Sergey was having none of that and won in this very interesting Knight ending. Look at where the kings are!

 Ruifeng Li may have had the edge at one time in his game against the IM in Round 3
Ruifeng Li vs Goran Vojinovic

Sergey Galant had an interesting Knight ending against the IM in a losing effort in round 5. Perhaps what he learned in that game helped him to beat Jeffery Xiong in the last round.

Queen-side? We don't need no stinking queen-side.

My Third round opponent Jason Wawrzaszek contemplating the merits of the London System.

Jeffery vs the IM from round 4


  1. Okay I take back what I said about Jeffery, but I would have been really convinced if he won the last round

  2. This is funny


  3. Looks like it was a fun event

    That queenside-less(almost) position was interesting, who won?

  4. I am not 100% sure but I think that that game is

    White won

  5. Ivan,

    the name of your blog is 'Getting to 2000', so does that mean 'Getting to 2000 Tournament Games without making a 2000 rating' or are you still burning to improve your play to a 2000 rating some time soon?

    Come on and make yourself a training plan and then go for it....I mean, 2000 is nothing...just do it...
    ...or simply add a 'Never...' in front of your blog's name.


  6. Hey BRUZ where have you been hiding?

    Well I barely missed getting a 2000 FIDE rating in my last event. I will be 1982 in the March 1 FIDE supplement.

    I am at 1516 rated games, so I may reach 2000 there before my rating gets there. Maybe I'll juts rename the blog "Getting to 2000 rated games"

    You say 2000 is easy, but no one else knows what your rating is, or if you even have a rating.

    Getting to 2000 is the goal, but I am not losing sleep over it. I am having too much fun playing, traveling, making new friends etc.

    Best wishes

    P.S. What's your goal?

  7. Me thinks Jeffery has GM potential!

  8. Greetings from Wisconsin. I enjoy reading your blog and following your progress as you make your journey to 2000. I was wondering if you work with a coach and if so how you went about finding someone from whom you get the instruction you need to make progress. Having taken up the game later in life, I am wondering if working with a coach can help me progress more quickly with my chess.

  9. apollo17,

    How long have you been playing rated chess?

    What has been your rating for this time?

    How old are you?

    I worked with a coach for a month or so, but decided that I would prefer to get to 2000 by my self.

    A good coach can definitely help you progress faster. What is your goal?

    I can recommend a coach. You can email me at iwijetunge@yahoo.com