Sunday, January 01, 2006

Future Plans





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  1. Ivan,

    I just stumble on your site. Ironically I had set the same goal for myself to reach expert after 25years of playing Chess.

    I started from the premise that any 1800 players can reach 2000 by studying the right books and analyzing their games.
    I decided to test the theory with myself as the subject back in May 2006. I reached 1920 at one point but I am currently down to 1871 after a disappointing World Open.

    I do feel I have a better understanding of Chess and the goal is at hand.

    Good luck in your quest.

  2. Noticed that you switched to playing at the Chicago Class Championships. Why did you decide to switch from the Green Bay Open?

  3. Better entry fee/Prize ratio

    Play against players in the same class

    The time control. Wisconsin is probably the only place on earth where adjournments are still possible. I don't know anyone who likes this time control. 40/120 SD/60, or G/120 is more than enough.

    Lower rated entry fee. My son is rated 740 and if he played in the GB he would have to pay $35 with only trophies as prizes. In Chicago there is a Under 1000 section with an $27 entry fee and the following prizes : $200-100-60-40, trophies to top 7.

  4. Ivan

    I noticed that you don't have the Badger Open or North Central on your tournament plans. Given your comment on the GBO, is that because you don't think that the structure with open/ scholastic vs. the more typical open /reserve or low top prizes will draw the top players to play?

    Could also be schedule conflicts or you just haven't gotten around to updating your plans yet.

  5. September is going to be pretty busy so I am not sure when I will be free

  6. Looks like I'll get a chance to finally meet you at the Kings Island Open in a few weeks. Are you playing in the U2100 section or the U1900 section? I'll be playing in the U2100.

    Hope to see you there!


  7. Nice to hear from you. What happened to your Blog? I will play in the U1900 - Ivan

  8. Blog got to be too much. I thought it had become pointless. I was very surprised to find out that there were quite a few people who actually followed it. Makes me regret getting rid of it. - Tony

  9. How do you create your "last 10 rated games/Live rating" page?

  10. I use Microsoft Word to create an html file, I then save it to Google - Page creater

    Let me know if you want more details.

    To do what I did you need:
    an html file
    A google account

  11. Hi Ivan, We have never met, although I did come to a UW Open a few years ago specifically to introduce myself. You were involved in a long game, and I never got the oportunity. I enjoy your blog a great deal. We are rated similarly. I was wondering if you ever had any formal coaching? I have in the past, but stopped due to expense and time. I am now considering enrolling in the International Chess School, which would let me work at my own pace. ( Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
    Richard Reich,MD

  12. Hello Richard,

    Thanks for visiting.

    I did get a few lessons from a Master way back in 2005. Right after that I tied for 3rd in the big money HB Global Event.

    I too stopped because of the expense. I also wanted to try and get to 2000 by myself.

    Do you plan to start playing soon?

    Best wishes