Friday, August 24, 2012

78th Annual Southwest Open

USCF results

Final standings

I tied for second in the reserve, 5-1=0 plus a 1/2 point bye(last round)

I improved my record in the last 4 SWOs to 17-2=7

In the last four years, if I had only played in SWOs, I would be well over 2000!

My most interesting game my 6th round win.  I won an exchange and a pawn in the opening and was hoping to cruise to victory, but got down on time, played quickly and inaccurately and was probably busted, I mean just look at my poor black king. At about this point I was hating chess. 

But  ...e3, and black wins, I love this game!

Pairings, results & live games here

Open 4-day Rnd 1
 Francisco Tort (1981) upset Sarah Chiang (2245)
 Top seed in the 4-day playing Black

My results
  1. Win (W) against fellow blogger Don Putnam (1617) (Rocky Rook
  2. Win (B) against Sadia Qureshi (1686)
  3. Win (W) against Julia Jones (1729)
  4. Loss (B) Zachary Haskin (1908)
  5. Win (W)
  6. Win (B)
  7. Bye

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