Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SW Chess Club Quads G/100

There are 6 Quads and a 5 person Swiss
Quad 1

1John Veech2040X
-0- -1-
2Allen Becker2000-1-X
3Daniel Munoz1854 -0-
4Ivan Wijetunge1836-0-

Veech vs Wijetunge Rnd 2
I got a chance to play WI newest expert. (so new that he still had the "new expert smell") We played a crazy game with inaccuracies on both sides and pieces flying every where. The following position is right after Veech played Rxh5? I didn't find the winning move f5 here, but played Bc6 which should have lost if White finds the right continuation, but since he did not I still had chances to be slightly ahead or =. But in the end I lost with the clock ticking down.
Postion after Rxh5?

Wijetunge vs Becker Rnd 1
This is the position after I played Nf3xg5!!

The !! is not because it is the best move (I thought that Bg3 was the best move), it is because sometimes other factors also come in to play. Allen usually spends a long time on the first part of the game leaving him little time for the rest, and this game was no exception. One of the hardest things to do is defend with not much time on the clock. I give up a Knight for 2 pawns. In exchange I get:
  • an annoying pin of the f6 knight
  • good attacking chances with a possible rook lift with f4 and Rf3
  • force Black to play accurately in time trouble

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sydney Chess

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I had some time to checkout the the local chess scene today.

I first went by Hyde Park in down town Sydney where a lunch time crowd had gathered around the giant chess board. I didn't have time to wait around for a game today, I may get another chance later this week.

There was a spot about the board in today's news paper as well.
I then got a chance to play a few blitz games aginst fellow blogger Chee Tan [tanc (happyhippo) from Lousy at Chess]
Chee took me to the North Sydney Chess club, which is one of the strongest clubs in Australia. The club plays in the auditorium of the North Sydney Leagues Club, which has a casino, gym, restaurants etc. in a beautiful facility.Today the club played a 23 board match against another club (Manly). Below are the strongest members of the team. (Most of them did not play today)I got to play blitz with Eyal Gur, a visitor from Israel, who said that although he does not play in tournaments anymore, was rated 2300 at one time. The score was 4-0 in his favor. I may have had drawing chances in one of them.