Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Benefit
Nov. 27-28 San Antonio, TX.

4 way tie for first: (3.0/4.0)
SELBY K ANDERSON (2209   ->2207)
GREGG STANLY (2044   ->2052) 
ANDREW ISTAFANOUS (1855   ->1893)

Complete results here.

My last round opponent played way too fast and got mated in the middle of the board
Ernesto was upset in Rnd 3 by Martin
More info here.

My results
  1. Draw with White vs Selby Anderson(2205)
  2. Draw with Black vs Daniel Lozano (1827)
  3. Loss with White vs Andrew Lozano (1988)
  4. Win with Black vs Zhaosu Ye(1770)

Recent W-end Open Events at the San Antonio Chess Club (Date/event/players/Winner(s)) 
2010-10-16 October Slammer 31 DANIEL FERNANDEZ(2450)
2010-07-17 2010 Summer Open 49 MICHAEL LANGER(2315), JU HYUNG AHN(2046)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday, November 07, 2010


I clearly was not playing well yesterday, missing many things I would normally see.  I went 3-1.  I lost to  Christian Leos, who tied for first and will see a big rating jump.

I think I equalized easily, then made a mistake that gave White the advantage. White didn't make the best of it and we got to this position. Here I could have forced a draw with Rc8 (Qxa6 Ra8)

But I blundered horribly and played Qc8.  I had a losing position the rest of the game, but with 46 seconds left on my clock got a winning position, only to blunder a rook!.

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