Friday, February 23, 2007

U.W. Winter Open Feb 24-25 Madison, WI

This tournament has averaged 55 player the last 3 years. Past results are as follows:

2006 Winner Ashish Vaja
2005 Winner Alexander Betaneli
2004 Winner IM Stansilav Smetankin

2007 Results (Betaneli wins)

I scored 3-0=1 to finish with 4/5 (1 bye)

I tied for 3rd which was good enough for $120

In round 4 I was paired against Brian Luo(2057). The #1 nine year old in the nation (by almost 200 points!). This is what none other than Gary Kasparov had to say about him:

"I am impressed to see kids like Ray Robson, Daniel Naroditsky and Brian Lou. All of them have the potential to become not only strong, but leading American grandmasters....."

-Gary Kasparov (page 39 September 2006 Chess Life)

I made a speculative exchange sac, but Brian missed zwischenzug (16...Bxh2+) which would have left him clearly better. After that the game got very complex. I got myself in really bad time trouble and went into survival mode and missed many obvious moves that would have won instantly. I agreed to a draw later, although analysis shows that white was better.

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I was surprised that Brian was blitzing out moves when I was in time time trouble. While doing so he made many gross errors that I just missed since I was only trying to get to time control without worsening my position.

I have a 1-0=1 record against Brian. I won the first time we played around 2 years ago when he was rated 1675.

Below are some postions where I missed winning moves.





This was another tournament with adjournments, and I had 2! I took a bye in the 3rd round but had to come back after that round to play the two adjournments. Normally that would have meant a start time as late as 2 am. But because of the bad weather the last round was shortened into a G/60, so I had to come back at 9:30.

I was clearly winning in both adjourned games, and made very good sealed moves.

In round 1 my sealed move was N d3-c1

In round 2 my sealed move was N b3-c5

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Arpad Elo Open, Jan 10-11,
Wisconcin Dells, WI

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Although adjournments are unheard of these days, they are alive and kicking here in Wisconsin. In this tournament the time control was 40/2, 20/1, G/1. A game could have lasted up to 8 hours! (And with 3 games on Saturday that could mean up to 24 hours of chess in a row!). With round times of 10:00, 3:30 and 7:30 adjournments were necessary. Last year I know of a case where a person had the first two games adjourned and had to play them after the conclusion of round 3, another case where a person had taken a bye in the third round but still had to come back after the conclusion of round 3 (after 1 am) to conclude a round from earlier.

I had my third round game go on till about 2 in the morning. I then had my forth round (the time control for the 4th round is 40/2, G/1) game last more than five hours and then had to start the 5th round 20 minutes later. I played horribly in the last round and dropped a piece very early in the game.

Round 2 - Draw against ROGER D ALLISON (1731)

In this position I missed b5, if either the knight or the bishop takes back I have the intermediate move Nb6.

Round 4 - Draw against MIKE NIETMAN (1861)

In the following position I missed the winning 31...h3, although with my move I still should have won.

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Tournament results