Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2015 U.S. Amateur Team North Championship
Feb. 20-22 or 21-22 Schaumburg, IL

USCF results here

Tournament website here

New record 73 teams

Best team name : "Stick that F Pawn Up Your A File"
Team "Chaturanga"

1Karthikeyan Pounraj1979
2Ivan Wijetunge1906
3Abhyudhaya Venkat1644
4Madhav Parthasarathy1463

History (with aproximate number of teams)
2014 Schaumburg 48
2013 Schaumburg 55
2012 Northbrook 42

East Winners -Virginia Assassins
The Viriginia Assassins:l-r  Lucas Knoll, James Schuyler, Daniel Miller, Andrew Samuelson
2383 James Schuyler
2360 Andrew Samuelson
2354 Daniel Miller
1646 Lucas Knoll

Best Team Name :  Legalize Caruana 

South Winners - Thad’s No Fun 
Thad's No Fun: NM Richard Francisco, NM Sanjay Ghatti, Frank Johnson, Grant Oen and Thad Rodgers