Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monday, June 26, 2006

Game Annotation

Ashish reminded me how important it is to analyze your own games.

I selected this game to annotate although it was G/30. because it was against a Master and I enjoy playing the endgame. I also like to look at the relationship between Bishops and Knights.

Ashish also adviced me not to use Fritz to analye. I am going to have a hard time doing that. Playing a game of chess is like taking a multiple choice test every time it is your move. After a game I find it very hard not to "check" my answers using Fritz. I used to rely on Fritz only for analysis, but I now force myself to do my own analysis and then use Fritz.

Alex Betaneli (2302) vs Me (1800)

Comments/Advice welcome.

Comments on Comments

Thanks for the comments.

Be up front with yourself about your real goal. Is it really/only to reach 2000? Then why play 21 games at the US Open? Wouldn't you learn and improve more by playing just a few focused games, and spending the saved time and energy in analysis and study? (Your own analysis, NOT Fritz.)

Yes I agree. So my new US Open schedule looks like:

I am only playing 4 extra games on the 13th, since the tournament on July 5-6 is a separate event. This way I should be able to watch the end of the main event since the G/45 event should end by 5:30

Do you have a teacher - a master or better?

I am working on getting one.

Are you studying endings? Do you know by heart ALL the basic positions in Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual? Now there's a good way to get to 2000.

Yes I am, I started with Rook and pawn endings, I am also working on the Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual.

Last but not least - why time trouble so often? How are you addressing that?

Two out of the first three events on my shedule were G/30. I don't have any more fast time control events scheduled except for the G/45 US Championship event, so I should not get into time trouble that often.

June 24, 2006 Joliet, IL

US G/30 with 5 sec. delay
6 Rounds

The turn out for the main event was very disappointing, only 40 players showed up. (Only 26 from IL.) The US G/15 the next day had only 20 players! The playing site and organization was very good, but more thought has to be put into the prize distribution. For instance there were no overall prizes, the prizes were based on class. There were 3 master prizes, but there was only 1 master. So he was guaranteed the biggest prize even if he scored zero points.

The star of the event was Audrius Macenis , who had 5/5 going into the last round after beating master Alexander Betaneli in round 4. Although he lost the last round he now has a provisional rating of 2119.

I started well with 3/4 . The third round loss was to the top seed. I had black in the following position. Fritz says that I have a slight edge, but I was not able to hold.

I lost the last 2 rounds to two 1700 hundred players, so I am back on my floor again.

I ran into several Iowa friends, Mike Parsons, Dan Vasto, Eric Fischer and the Anzis family.

Result: 3-3=0

Rating: 1805-1800

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 17, 2006 Bloomington, IL

June Open
G/70 5 sec. Delay 4 Rounds

The 43 player field was was well directed by Dennis Bourgerie. The playing site was excellent. Below are a couple of pictures from the tournament.

I won the first round against 1482 player. In the 2nd round I was playing white against an expert and took a draw in the following position because I was short on time. Fritz says I have the edge.(White to play)

I was paired against another expert in round 3 and had the following postion. I am black.

I played the useless Bg3 and ended up losing later in a time scramble, Fritz likes Nf4 with th idea of going to d3. An out post without pawn support!

I won the last round against a 1250 player after dropping a knight in the first few moves! I really have to learn not to pay any attention to the players rating. After losing the knight I was completely lost but played on, I then won the exchange and had a rook for two knights. I still didn't have any winning chances since my rook could not get behind the pawns. I then won a knight and it was my turn to be completely winning. I then lost my rook to a knight fork! I was lost again. But I managed to queen a pawn and win. I played the last 15 moves or so with 12 sec. left. If not for time delay I would have lost on time.

It was a 3 way tie for first with Jon Burgess , William Brock & Anthony Cozzie (Who has a provisional rating of 2400!) finishing with 3.5/4.

Result : 2-1=1

Rating: 1800-1805

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 9, 2006 - Dallas, TX

Dallas Chass Club
G/30 with 5 sec delay.
4 Round Swiss.

Round 1
I lost to Darwin Yang, the highest rated 9 year old in the country. I thought that I had the advantage in that game, but could not find the right moves in time trouble and lost.

I am playing white here and should have played g5 with advantage according to Fritz. I played gxf which is not bad.

Round 2
I have a major issue with regaining my composure after a bad result. The first round loss affected me in the next 2 games. I could only manage a draw against a 1600 player.

I have black here and didn't even think about capturing with the pawn. I took with the rook and let the pressure off the 7th.

Round 3
I lost to a 2000 rated player. I didn't play round four.

I am black again and played Ne7, but according to Fritz I should have played axb.


Game Replay

Result: 0-2=1

Rating: 1800-1800

So my quest got off to a rocky start.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Getting to 2000 (USCF)

Greetings. I set this Blog to chart my progress. (Or lack there of). My goal is to get my rating to 2000 by the February 2007 rating supplement. That would include games completed by December 2006

Thanks to a decent(tied for 3rd) performance in the under 1800 section of the FIRST ANNUAL HB GLOBAL CHESS C (MN), I have a 1800 floor. (My Report)

In the summer of 2005, I got my rating upto 1880, but since then I have had many a bad result, and if not for my floor I would probably be rated 1600 right now.

I also plan to get in good physical condition and relearn how to play the violin. They should both have a positive effect on my goal.

I plan to play a lot and study. Mainly tactics and end games. I also plan to analyse my games a lot more. (before I analyse using Fritz)