Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apr. 16-17 : Laredo Open

$5600 Guaranteed

73 Players 
GM Axel Bachmann wins clear first ($1200)

USCF Results here
IM Del-Campo vs GM Axel Bachmann Rnd. 5 (The game was drawn)
 UTB vs UTB in round 4 Bd 1

 GM Axel Bachmann in Rnd. 1

 IM Roberto Del Campo just played ...Bg5 vs Joel Sauceda in Rnd 2.
GM Axel Bachmann playing White in rnd. 2

Rnd. 1: Lost to IM Roberto Del Campo (2415 FIDE) Mexico's #6 in Rnd. 1 

Rnd. 2:  Beat an unrated in Rnd 2.

Rnd. 3: Lost to Caissa Palang (1677) I don't feel so bad losing to the goddess of chess :)
I played pretty well for most of the game, but lost my way in the end. 

I should have never played 3 games in one day! 

Rnd. 4: Won against a 1547

Rnd. 5: Draw against a 1916

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Last Round Blues

I had a pretty solid performance in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago.

Round 1 White against NM JAMES V ROHRBAUGH (2200) Draw

The last time I played James was way back in 1999 at the TEXAS ACTION CHAMPIONSHIP. Looks like I had a pretty solid performance there too. 
We both felt that in this even position, playing for a win involved risk that we were not willing to accept. I offered the draw after my last move f4, and James accepted. I had ideas of a rook lift or g4 (after moving the King to the h-file of course)

Round 2 Black against MITCHELL VERGARA (2117) Draw

Mitch was playing 2 boards from me in round 1, and I noticed that he took 39 min. on one move.  I remember thinking to myself when I was paired against him that all I have to do is get him to do that a couple of times and I could easily win on time.

Mitch dropped a pawn out of the opening and I had a dominating position, but I could not bring home the full point.
After reaching time control (30 moves in 90 min then G/60) Mitch took more than 30 min. to play Nxe5. I took my time and am proud to have come up with the best move Qd6.  The other line is 31...Rxe5 32.Qxd3 cxd3 33.Rxc6 which looks good for Black, but Rybka likes Qd6 better.

Round 3 White against GREGG STANLEY(2053) Draw 
In this complex position Gregg offered a draw with about 90 sec. left on his clock to make 10 moves. I had about 15 min.
The gambler in me wanted to play on, but I took too long to decide and in the end took the draw. 
The move I was looking at was Qb6.

Round 4 Black against MARTIN D GORDON (1965) Loss

I felt invincible going into the last round. Although Martin is rated higher, he would be the lowest rated player I would face.  Confidence is great thing, but over confidence will usually get you in trouble.  I would normally never play a move like 5..h5

Too much Rybka analysis is also to blame. Computers grab dangerous pawns and keep them.  It not that easy for us humans to do the same. The move that sent my position towards a loss was the pawn grab.  19...Bxa3. (18...Bxa3 is ok.)

I was analyzing the game with the tournament winner ERNESTO L MALAZARTE (2177). He said he preffered my position before move 18. He scolded me for not getting my K-side pieces out before opening up the position.

A last round win would have given me a 1947 rating. A draw 1927. Hey you know what they say, what ever won't kill you will make you stronger.