Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am back................sort of

Thank you for taking the time to leave well thought of helpful comments to my last post.

My goal should be to get better at chess, everything else will follow.

Instead of dealing with one bad event, I made matters worse for myself by acting like a crazed gambler trying to win his money(rating points) back.

I participated in not one, but two events that I normally would never have taken part in. (I don't usually compete in regular rated events with a time control faster than G/90)

The first was a G/30 event and the other was a G/60 event.  It was especailly idiotic of me to compete in the second one.  I worked the graveyard shift Friday (First time working graveyard) from 11pm to 7am then travelled an hour to play in a one day 4 round G/60 event.  Came back Saturday and went back to work.

The end result is that in 3 events I have gone from 1942-1871.

The Job Situation

The main reason I have not been able to play is becuase of my job situation

I have not been able to find work as a middle school math teacher, So I have been working multiple part-time jobs.

Needless to say there simply is no time to play, especially since I have to work w-ends

If anyone out there hears of any Middle-School math openings, please let me know.

I am also seriously thinking of going in to nursing.

Chess Activities

With the time I do get I have been studing tactics, playing blitz on FICS and working on a more fighting response to d4. (Instead of the Smyslov Slav)

Last Friday I took part the inaugural G15 Bayfront 'Championship', and tied for first. (2.5/3.0)

The event was held at the Tango Tea Room
Me and Christian Leos tied for 1st with 2.5/3.0
White to play. (I am playing Black)
This was the rather unusual position from the last round draw.  I had 17 seconds (but with 5 sec. delay) and Christian had a lot more time.  Since his 2 passers are a lot more advanced, I was pretty sure I was going to lose, but it looks like my star on c4 keeps things balanced.

Does anyone know what ChessLoser is up to?