Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2nd Jerry Hanken FIDE Winter Open

I would like to thank the Berry twins for their hospitality and for running a great event. I had a great time and made many new friends.  I would also like to thank Prakash and his son Aadithya for tolerating me on the Dallas-Stillwater leg of the trip.

 Clear first with 6.0/7.0 was Serbian IM Goran Vojinovic 

Complete results here

Last round drama

Jeffery Xiong was tied with the IM on 5.5/6.0
Since they had already played, they were paired against two players on 4.5/6.0

Goran Vojinovic vs William Orton(2200)
Jeffery Xiong vs Sergey Galant(2142) 

Most people predicted wins for the leaders.

The IM drew relatively quickly leaving the door open for Jeffrey to get clear first with a win. But Sergey was having none of that and won in this very interesting Knight ending. Look at where the kings are!

 Ruifeng Li may have had the edge at one time in his game against the IM in Round 3
Ruifeng Li vs Goran Vojinovic

Sergey Galant had an interesting Knight ending against the IM in a losing effort in round 5. Perhaps what he learned in that game helped him to beat Jeffery Xiong in the last round.

Queen-side? We don't need no stinking queen-side.

My Third round opponent Jason Wawrzaszek contemplating the merits of the London System.

Jeffery vs the IM from round 4

Monday, February 21, 2011

FIDE rating

My first FIDE rating will be based on the following results. According to the FIDE rating calculator it will be: 1982
  1. Loss Feinstein, Michael 2261
  2. Win Pamatmat, Jordan James 1702
  3. Win Li, Zhichao 2176
  4. Loss Saheli, Nath 2123
  5. Win Fritze, Melvin P 1780
  6. Win Maldonado Jr, Ernest 1721
  7. Loss Wawrzaszek, Jason 2016
  8. Draw Markley, Jim 1952
  9. Loss Patton, Thomas A 2080
  10. Win Tuttle, Jeremy E  1882

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2nd Jerry Hanken FIDE Winter Open
Feb 19-20-2 Stillwater,Oklahoma

FIDE rated 7 Round Swiss G/90+30 sec

Results here.

Year Players Winner(s)

Other recent events by this affiliate here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy Chess w-end coming up. Feb 18-21

The USAT events:

East (Parsippany, NJ),
West  (Southern California),
North (Northbrook, Illinois), 
South (Orlando, Florida)

I will be getting my FIDE rating in Oklahoma at the 2nd Jerry Hanken FIDE Winter Open

I need to play 5 FIDE players in the 7 round event.  Details of my first FIDE rating norm here.