Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I went to the Waukesha Chess Club today. They were concluding a g/29 tournament and needed a house player for the last round, I decided to play since it was only quick rated.

Click here to replay game.

This w-end I plan to play in the Wiconsin Veterans Tournamet.

The w-end of the 11th is the King's Island Open. I have not decided if I will play there. If I can get at least one more person to go with me I will.


  1. Although White won, I have to say the result was mostly Black's doing. Not sure I understand some of White's pawn moves, particularly c3 and later f5. In the latter position, seems to me White would have been better off playing Qe2, connecting and developing the rooks, and eventually building a strong K-side attack while maintaining the dominant center.

    What was your positional motivation for playing f5?

  2. Yes f5 was bad, but c3 is a standard set up. I decided that in this game I would try to play intuitively without much calculation and try to get ahead on time. When I played it I thought it would result in a k-side break through, but all I got out of it were weak pawns

  3. I thought f5 was an OK idea but possibly improperly timed.