Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chicago Open - After

I had a great time meeting old friends from all over the US.

My performance was well below par. I had 5 draws! and a loss.

I have lost the confidence I had a few weeks ago. I have to work on getting it back.

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Interesting positions from the games:

Game 1 - I am White with the move

Game 2 - I am Black with the move
Game 3 - I am Black with the move

Game 4 - I am White with the move

Game 5 - I am Black with the move

Game 6 - I am White with the move


  1. Dissatisfied with the number of draws or that result versus the quality of opposition? If you had several draws against Experts and Masters, that would not be lamentable, would it?

  2. I expected to score at least 5/6, I only scored 2.5/6 . State of mind is very important in chess, after two draws against lower rated players in the first 2 rounds, I lost confdence in myself, after that it was all down hill.

  3. I understand the importance of mindset very well. It's one of the aspects of chess Andrew Martin is working with me on. My goal is to be able to leave a draw or loss behind me once the game is over. I ruminate over negatives far too much. I'm sorry your result was not what you'd hoped. But persistence and determination seem to be two of your personal qualities, so I'm thinking it won't be long before you are back to your winning ways.

  4. My goal was 5/7 and I met that goal. I feel that meeting a goal in a section tournament is more or less trying to prove to yourself you can perform at that level consistently over a large even plane of many similarly-skilled players. Enrolling in open sections or in just open tournaments is a more viable option to try and prove overall strength instead of against a set range of opponents. See you perhaps at the Marshalltown Miniqualifier or the Louis Paulsen open! Regards.