Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Centrifuge II etc.

4SS, G/90 Green Bay, WI 54304.

Tournament Result

I scored 1-1=2. With a performance rating of 1900. I think that my main problem is lack of confidence when I have bad results.

My confidence took a big hit on 2007-04-14 when I played in this Rockford tournament and it took me a while to get it back.

I think I have turned it a round in the last two tournaments. In the last 7 rated games I have played, I have lost three games to players rated 2100, 1967 and 1918 (2-3=2).

This is the story behind the loss to the 1967 (Me vs Ferguson,W - Hales Corners G/100 21.06.2007).

I have been reading the very interesting book, "The Art of Learning" by J. Waitzkin. In it he talks about how he used to confused opponents by going into complex positions confident that he would be able to come out on top. In the following position, I guess you could say I was inspired by J.W. to play the move 17 e4. (But when a floored out A player tries to do what J.W. was able to, the results are unpredictable to say the least!)

17.... Nfxe4 18.Bxg7 Nxd2 19.Bd5
I saw the moves up to this:
But here Black has the winning move Qe2.


  1. Ivan

    It is clear to me that you have been playing too much chess and if anyone is coaching you then they aren't doing such a hot job since your rating went up and then crashed a lot back to 1800.

    Jon Burgess

  2. Ivan

    I would agree with Jon. Your coach should tell you EXACTLY where and when to play. Also what and how to study. It does not require massive amounts of studying, I would say 5 hours a week of studying should be enough to do the job. The real question is are you studying the right stuff and playing in the right tournaments?

    Ashish Vaja

  3. Ashish,

    Congratulations on being the latest WI Master.

    Thanks for the input.

    I have not had a coach for a while.

  4. well Ivan

    I can tell you havent had a coach for a while since your rating has been dropping a lot.

    What are your plans for improving now and where are you planning on playing and how many tournaments are you planning on playing this year ?

    Jon Burgess

  5. Future plans are here:

  6. Ivan

    As per usual you are planning in playing in too many tournaments in one month. your playing 2 long grueling weekend tournaments the green bay open and the other one. Thats too much chess plus your playing a game every week.

    You don't have to play a rated game every week to improve in fact it hurts your chess more than improves it.

    you need a coach or need to decide by yourself to not play so much chess.

    Jon Burgess

  7. Instead of reading philosophical books like JW's, I humbly suggest that until you get to around 2200, you need to focus on the fundamentals on endings, tactics, and positional play.

    Do you know the blue positions in Dvoretsky's Chess Endings? Have you worked through Silman's Amateur's Mind? Or Dunnington's Can you be a Positional Chess Genius?

    The way I read your comment to this game, you're basically hoping to cheapo your opponent - without any real foundation for the move you played. That is not the way to improve.

    Even if you were to win with moves like e4, I don't know why you would want to. Stick you playing moves you understand, moves that are "true" to you. Then you can learn.

  8. What is your Knight doing on h4?

  9. I have been focusing on rook endings.

    The knight went to h4 to harass a bishop on f5, which was exchanged for a knigt on b1.

    Before I played e4(the first diagram), I thought I was better because:

    1) I have the 2 bishops
    2) control of the d file

    The Knight on h4 was the only misplaced piece


    I) play g3 and Knight g2->f4
    II) Try to open the position

    The full game is available via the Games replay link on the top right(Under my links)

    Me vs - Ferguson,W - Hales Corners G/100 21.06.2007

  10. I agree that you have a better position, and I like your positionally solid idea of N->g2->f4. Wish you had followed that plan.