Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chicago Open 2008

Although I didn't play I stopped by during the 6th round. This year's edition attracted 702 players. Attenedance since 2001:

Final results here.

Notable performances by WI players:

Under 2300
Alexander Betaneli tied for 1-2 with 6 points (worth $4000)
Alexander Velikanov, 10 years old and rated 2028 played up to finish with 3 points, beating 2 masters.

Under 1900
Alex Gianos-Steinberg clear first with 6.5 (worth $5000)
Alex has played in only 7 tournaments 6 of them Chicago Opens. His rating jump: 1786 => 1927. He also won the under 1600 section in 2005 with an identical score.

Under 1500
David Jin clear first with 6.5 (worth $5000)
*Correction - Jin was limited to $1500 due to rating over 1530 in past year
Under 700
Edward Larkin clear second with 5.5

I had a chance to meet Chessloser and he gave me a couple of his "HARDCORE PAWNOGRAPHY" stickers. (Click here for his interview with Hikaru Nakamura)

Chessloser anlyzing after round 6


  1. My daughter and I met CL in Sturbridge... she refers to him as the Man with the Batman Sneakers.

  2. i have been a blog acquaintance for years with this guy. this is the first i have seen of him.

    ... note the concentration!

  3. "egad, i look geeky...:)"

    Yeah. I didn't expect you to look like that!

  4. es_trick
    What did you him to look like?


  5. I think he looks cool. Like Bob Maconel in He Was a Quiet Man.

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  7. spelling redux -

    too funny "chess player" ...
    BTW chessloser, saying 'egad' isnt helping :)

  8. I didn't picture him with facial hair for some reason.

    Note to chessloser: if you don't want to admit that's you, deny, deny, deny!