Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 Rochester Grand Summer Open
June 13,14

2008 Rochester Grand Summer Open, Rochester, MN hosted by the Rochester Chess Club.

Despite high gas prices and flooding rivers more than 80* players from 4 states attended this year's event. Matt Jensen and his crew ran a great tournament, with lots of extras including: upset prizes for every round, drawings for ICC memberships and a chess set, multiple playing schedules etc.

I have played in four states in 14 days! Not sure when my next w-end tournament will be. I was thinking about the World Open, but it does not look likely at this point.

USCF results

*including the unrated section

Tournament winner IM VICTOR-EDVIN ADLER checking out the last round game RON R DEIKE vs MATTHEW D DAHL

DAHL won this game

Bad planning (actually no planning!) turned a 4 hr drive into a 7 hour one (due to road closings). I was forced to take two half point byes.

Round 3
Win against BILL GRAYDON(1603)

I arrived 30 min late for the 60 min game. I played the opening well, but then gave my opponent several chances to equalize that he did not take advantage of. Later, I was winning on the board when my opponent went over the time limit!

Round 4
Loss to KEVIN BU (1966)

I was 30 minutes late again* but this time I was facing the nation's 10th ranked 12 year old. I was in the process of congratulating my self on lessening my time disadvantage and obtaining a fairly equal position when I missed a simple tactic that forced mate.

*had to drop the family off at the hotel

Round 5
Win against ROBERT J DONAHUE (2064)

My opponent misplayed the opening and I was able to win a nice game.

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  1. Some nice results. Way to go! The old rating is headed back up!!

  2. Nice playing! Too bad about the circumstances (byes, late arrivals) but it looks like that didn't affect your game too much. The World Open will be alot of fun... you're missing out. ;)

  3. good job Ivan!

    do you still use demonoid?

  4. See you at the World Open! My Alias is George Duval to save Blunderproen from the paparazi. What's yours?

  5. How would I track you down. I don't have an alias.

    - Ivan Wijetunge

  6. You must've been a late entry. I don't see it in the advanced entries through 6/17/2008.

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find me... in the U1800 section.

  7. I entered yesterday - ivan