Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wisconsin State Blitz Championship

Open Champion - Erik Santarius
Scholastic Champion - Jordan Smith

Click here for complete results


  1. FM Stamnov is likely to play as well! I strongly encourage people to come and have fun: we WILL turn this into a strong annual event!

    NM Ashish Vaja is scheduled to play as well.

    Alex Betaneli

  2. will the prize money be based on USCF quick ratings or regular ratings?

  3. If you follow the link and look at the tournament information it says USCF regular ratings.


  4. Now, start planning for Quick State Championship on December 13th. All details are on www.wichessacademy.com
    Can Erik Santarius hold THREE state titles at once? If not, then who can stop him???

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  6. You're still so close to the threshold. If you had won against Allen B... next time!