Sunday, May 23, 2010

Texas State Championship 2010

This year's tournament will be held in Addison. Click here for all the details.

Next to the Southwest open this is Texas' most attended non-scholastic event.

The highest rated player to register is GM Zviad Izoria , also known as Mr HB Global, for winning $50,000 and a host of other prizes at the 2005 HB Global event.

Click here for pre-registered players.

I will be playing in this event for the 3rd time. In 1992 & 2002, I had sub-par performances, although I did start 3.5/4.00 drawing the eventual winner in 1992.

Since I have not played much rated chess, I decided to join Paul Haney, and Ethan Rodriguez to play at the Houston Chess Club G60 3 round event yesterday.

I went 2-1=0. My loss was to 2nd seed Bradley Sawyer (2292)

There were 34 players including 3 masters 3 experts. Click here for the cross table.

Bradly & Warren Harper tied for first with 3-0 scores. Warren is closing in on the 2400 mark. He is just 16 rating points away.


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  2. Hey Ivan!

    Saw the tournament results. Not your best performance that's for sure. You'll get'em next time!

    Anyway, the tiny kid who came in 2nd place in the Amateur section (Ruifeng Li) used to come to our chess club in Michigan before his family moved him down to Texas. He was like 5 yrs old beating most of our members. Granted that most of our members weren't super strong, but still good for a 5 yr old. Now he's higher rated than me and he's only 9 yrs old. Keep a close eye on this kid!

    Good luck in your next tournament!