Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st Annual Austin Chess Club Championship - Recap

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Congratulations to the Austin Chess Club for putting up such a great show.  135 players from all over Texas and other states/countries participated.  Even though a lot more players than expected showed up, the organizers did a great job and fun was had by all. They are already planning for a bigger and better 2012 event!

I had a great time and was paired up every game!
  1. Bye
  2. Loss ERNESTO L MALAZARTE (2153)
  3. Draw WILLIAM MOLINA (1971)
  4. Win DREW J SARKISIAN (2120)

A last round win would have given me clear first U2000, with a draw I would have tied for first. But it was not to be. I equalized as black, but blundered right after that!.
I was happy with my position as Black.  I was sure that I could take advantage of the White pawn structure in the end game.  I was behind on time and decided to play a few quick moves to gain some time (60 sec. increment) . Big mistake! I played Nb4?? which loses to Qb3.

Although I went 1-2=1, my rating should still get to 1911 which will be an all time high.

There were many interesting people at the event.

Serbian IM Goran Vojinovic (Winner of the event after he beat the GM in round 4)

Interesting hair styles

Irwin Philip's Chess tattoo. He plans to get another one of  Tal's staring eyes


  1. Love the pictures! People should post more pictures in their recaps of chess tournaments :)

    You've made amazing progress since I first found this blog. Good luck, you are "almost" there :)

  2. Thanks,

    I think this will be the year! Only time will tell.

  3. Ivan, I meant to come introduce myself. I've been reading the blog, knew you would be there and wanted to say hi but then spaced. Glad you did well! Russ Gardner

  4. ...Nb4 looks like a natural tactic, but you aren't developed there. I would play ..Rc8 and look to break with ..c5. ..Qc7 also would have prevented the pawn loss on b7.

    The Nd5 is your best piece right where it is.

    ..Nd7 looks possible, too, and if Ng5 then ..Nf8, and White is the one that has to show how he will break through.