Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apr. 16-17 : Laredo Open

$5600 Guaranteed

73 Players 
GM Axel Bachmann wins clear first ($1200)

USCF Results here
IM Del-Campo vs GM Axel Bachmann Rnd. 5 (The game was drawn)
 UTB vs UTB in round 4 Bd 1

 GM Axel Bachmann in Rnd. 1

 IM Roberto Del Campo just played ...Bg5 vs Joel Sauceda in Rnd 2.
GM Axel Bachmann playing White in rnd. 2

Rnd. 1: Lost to IM Roberto Del Campo (2415 FIDE) Mexico's #6 in Rnd. 1 

Rnd. 2:  Beat an unrated in Rnd 2.

Rnd. 3: Lost to Caissa Palang (1677) I don't feel so bad losing to the goddess of chess :)
I played pretty well for most of the game, but lost my way in the end. 

I should have never played 3 games in one day! 

Rnd. 4: Won against a 1547

Rnd. 5: Draw against a 1916