Thursday, February 21, 2013

1st Universal Midwest Late Winter Swiss
Mar. 2-3
Stevensville, MI 49127

Results here

Awonder Liang hits an all time high of 2189. Which easily makes him the # 1 nine year old in the country, and just 11 points away from being a Master. My prediction is that he will easily do that in his next event, the Mid America Open.


Awonder lived up to his name by going 5-0. This crazy looking game is from his last round victory over Manis Davidovich.

Michael Chen was 2nd with 4-0.

James Ellis took home the U2000 prize.

My results
  1. Loss FM AWONDER LIANG (2154)
  2. Win TOM A MANION (1880)
  3. Win ANGIE PAULA (1792)
  4. Draw PETER L CHEN (1991)
  5. Loss MICHAEL L CHEN (2154)

A last round win would have given me 2nd place, a draw a share of the U2000 money.

The game was very interesting. The critical moment below is exciting with back rank issues for both sides.  I really wanted to play Ng4, but since black can play Qxd4+. I played Kh1, but it turns out I could have played Ng4 anyway, and with best play it leads to an equal position, but my move gets me in trouble.

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  1. I'm still considering playing. Not a big fan of G/90 and the fact that I just missed the cut for the U1900 section. Tournament is 3 hours away from my home.
    However, it'll be a good opportunity to play some very tough competition. The west side of Michigan is very strong, plus being near Chicago should attract a few titled players from IL.

    Either way, good luck!


  2. Hey Ivan, good to see your recent successes! You should play in Michigan more often.

  3. Thanks, don't recognize your initials.

  4. You played him in the Michigan Class Championship a few years back.

    I find it very annoying that the person that won the U2000 prize (1) got one of his wins from a bye, (2) lost to me, and (3) played by far the weakest schedule. Swiss pairing at its worst. Of course, this was not his fault as he played who was put in front of him, but its still annoying.

  5. I thought Angie would win the last round.

    We would have tied for U2000 money. That was $140.