Sunday, February 09, 2014

Expert + Open, Under 2000 & Unrated : Marshall Town, IS
Feb.8 2014

You can see the write-up by Hank here.

I was the house player for the Expert + section.  Since there were an even number in the first 2 rounds, I played in the unrated meet up event. Results here

In the last round of the Expert + Open I played Mark Kende. After playing horribly and losing a piece on move 22. I almost pulled a Carlesn (See this great video by GM  Daniel King).  but drew in the end.

My game is here.

USCF results here

Pictures from the event by Cliff Yates here


  1. Didn't u first floor at 1800 about 8.5 years ago? U don't seem to be getting to 2000. Do u even have a plan? Your openings don't seem to get u anything. Did u ever consider tinkering with ur openings? Bobby Fischer liked kingpawn.

  2. Yes, I got the 1800 floor after the HB Global in 2005. I have been working on my openings and do have a plan, but as always time is the issue. I think that adult players going up a class once they have an established rating is pretty rare. Maybe I have to be satisfied with the 1962 from last year?

  3. My high rating is 1973 despite my tactical ability being around a 1300 level. If i cud calculate at all, I wud make expert.

  4. Are you playing in the USAT North?

  5. Hi Ivan, here is the link to the slideshow vid, I put on youtube of the Broken Pawn chess event in Marshalltown, Iowa.

  6. Hi Ivan. Were u asking me if I am playing in the USAT North? I wasn't planning on it, but I have not ruled it out, and may watch if I don't play. Y do u ask?

  7. Dean,
    Just wondering since you played last year. I will be playing on bd. 2

  8. Cliff, The slide show was very nice