Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just play the game.

Not sure what is going on, but one thing's for sure, I suck at chess.

Hitting my 1800 floor at the 2015 Chicago Open did it for me,

I have given up on getting to 2000.  I did get pretty close  USCF 1962 and FIDE 1980.


  1. Ivan, I feel your pain. I never got past 1931. Play for fun, study your lost games, and the rating will come. You are still young, unlike this aging A player.
    Richard Reich

  2. 1892 to 1800 in four months, and in 2013 you were consistently a mid 1900's player. There are Experts that suck, considering that they are rated as Experts, and even Master isn't entirely safe below 2250. I know one person that I like that was a rated Expert for two tournaments two years back and is now sitting at his 1800 floor where his last tournament he went from 1800 to 1800. I hardly think he deserves such a thing, can play really well on some or most days, but that shows the extreme end of the spectrum. I've known many players over the years that got a big floor and then sat on it for years. It happens, and it's hardly an exception to the rule. Chess results can be brutal, it's easy to lose won games, as you can see by my latest loss where I flagged after gaining a crushing position.

    There is probably something you stopped doing in your move selection algorithm process that would account for this. Sometimes, it's just being cold, which a little blitz can fix, or not having studied any tactics for a long period of time.


  3. Ivan I feel that I mirror you right now in many ways and what you are experiencing. I am studying my "A---" off, especially lately, My ratings have yo-yo'd between 1600 and 1900 since I made my chess comeback about 8 years ago. A 2000 rating (and more!) has become perhaps an obsession for me. I am 48 and do not have a coach to temper my sometimes risky play and offbeat openings (I prefer the politically correct term "fundamentally challenged" chess). I must admit my confidence is at a peak right now, but I have learned a hard lesson. Never to high or too low emotionally. Also, inevitably you MUST be able to handle adverse circumstances as a chess player trying to reach expert for example. I know it can be brutally difficult when things go bad. I have been there so many times I can't remember. Some players just plain quit!! I'll never be that person again, I don't care how many games/rating pts I might lose. I'll just study harder. Get back on that horse!!! You'll be fine. By the way, the next tournament you play I invite you to do one thing. Focus ONLY on the board itself, every move every time. No worrying about your rating, prizes, your opponents rating, etc... It is all extraneous b.s., and has no business entering your mind AT ALL during a game. Ultimately there is no substitute for preparation and good form, but positive attitude and extreme concentration are important to. See you at 2000!!!

  4. If i inspire you to get to 2000 then you owe me money!! if not then I deny everything!!!

  5. For a new start simply take Bronstein's Zurich 1953 Tournament book and play through all the games on a nice wooden chessboard...take your time...forget about ratings...just enjoy the games and Bronstein's comments...


  6. Thanks BRUZ, that's a good idea