Friday, August 19, 2016

Chess Castle Thursday Night Premier Section G/140 + 30s Increment (Month long event)

USCF results here

Blundered horribly against NM Wilson in the last round.  A draw would probably have put me over 2000, a win comfortably over 2000!

I am black in the following position.  What I should have done was to play Rcd8 to put pressure on the e-pawn and then played Kh8 & Rg8.  I think I have a good position.

Instead I played, Qf6 and after White played Qf4 blundered horribly with Kh8,  Qf6 was not necessary. After Qf4, I had to play Qg7 when White has a small edge.


  1. Comment by GM David Smerdon author of "Smerdon's Scandinavian"
    Aug 21, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    Hi Ivan. Nice game! I thought you played well. You could have played slightly more accurately in the opening, but still your moves were logical and active and you always had compensation with the bishop pair and development. It was nice how you made the most of your h-pawn march! Well done, and all the best for the future victories

  2. Hey, you are so close now, hope you make it! Nice opening choice! And yes, if you want to be an Expert, you should actually be playing Experts.