Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 9, 2006 - Dallas, TX

Dallas Chass Club
G/30 with 5 sec delay.
4 Round Swiss.

Round 1
I lost to Darwin Yang, the highest rated 9 year old in the country. I thought that I had the advantage in that game, but could not find the right moves in time trouble and lost.

I am playing white here and should have played g5 with advantage according to Fritz. I played gxf which is not bad.

Round 2
I have a major issue with regaining my composure after a bad result. The first round loss affected me in the next 2 games. I could only manage a draw against a 1600 player.

I have black here and didn't even think about capturing with the pawn. I took with the rook and let the pressure off the 7th.

Round 3
I lost to a 2000 rated player. I didn't play round four.

I am black again and played Ne7, but according to Fritz I should have played axb.


Game Replay

Result: 0-2=1

Rating: 1800-1800

So my quest got off to a rocky start.

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