Thursday, October 19, 2006

A good result

I finally had a good result. I went 4-0 with a performance rating of 2000 in the Waukesha Chess Club 4 round swiss, which should bring my rating upto 1841, but that loss from the other tournament that I taked about in my last post will cost me about 25 points, so I will be around 1816 when that gets rated. Still, 3 tournaments in a row where I stay above my floor is good for me.

My next tournament is the Governor's Cup in South Dakota. Driving a total of about 16 hours might seem like a crazy idea, but I am making an exception since I have always wanted to play in the tornament.
This is the win from yesterday. I missed Rxf7, but other than that I was happy with my play. I got into time trouble again and had to play the last 10 moves with less than 8 min.


  1. The Badger Open (WCC) is this weekend (Oct 21/22) at the Hales Corners hall.

  2. Dude, you beat a D player, a C player, a B player and an A player ... that does NOT give you a performance rating of 2300! (Perhaps read the excellent Mark Glickman interview in the latest CL to understand how ratings work.) And why, oh why, this obsession with ratings, at the expense of the game itself?

  3. You are correct the performance rating should be 2000.

    I guess then the USCF ratings calculator does not work since that's where I got the 2300 number.

    Yes, I should concentrate on getting better, the rating will take care of itself.

  4. USCF Performance Rating:

    Note: In the case of a perfect or zero score the performance rating is estimated as either 400 points higher or lower, respectively, than the rating of highest or lowest rated opponent.