Saturday, October 28, 2006

Governor's Cup : Oct 27-29 (Sioux Falls,SD)

I played in the U2000 section and tied for 2nd-3rd.That was worth $400. I also got my rating up to 1856.

Here are the results.

This was a great, well directed tournament and I recommend it highly. One of the highlights was the “chess social” that was held at the Knudson residence. Where else would mere patzers like us get to hang out with GMs and IMs while partaking in a sumptuous spread?

I got into time trouble in all my games, but managed 3.5/4. (I took a bye in the first round to finish 4/5). The main reason I am getting into time trouble is that I am trying to be careful in order to minimize errors, but this is counter productive since the lack of time introduces errors later in the game.

This is the game 4 victory over the #2 seed.

chess social


  1. Congratulations! Not only did you have a fine result, but you had the opportunity to see several of the nation's better players. It sounds like it was worth the trip.

  2. Nicely done... 2 good results in a row. Man, I miss the SD tournaments. We should go together again some time.

  3. You are about 1,628 miles away!

  4. Interesting game - cool tactics. (Did you see all the way to your win of 2B for the R?) Later in the game, I wonder whether there was a way to keep the g file closed for White's king safety.

  5. White thought he was winning a pawn by taking Nxc3. I did not even consider Nxc3.

    After he played Nxc3 I started calculating and saw the move Ba3 which gets me the 2 Bishops.

    Although he had P+P+R for my 2 Bishops, the 2 bishops were monsters.

    I missed 24.d5 too which would have won much faster.