Thursday, January 11, 2007


I am playing in a four round G/90 tournament. One game a week on Wednesdays. I took a first round bye. Yesterday I played a great game but unfortunately lost on time.

Click here to replay the game.

I missed many chances that would have led to a decisive advantage:
20. Bd4
22. cxd5
24. Qc2
and the beautiful 31. Bd3 +

I was looking forward to playing in the Northeastern Open in Neenah, but will not be able to do so due to scheduling conflicts. I decided to play in the Michigan Classs Tournament in Lansing Jan 13-14 instead.

I created another blog for my younger son.


  1. What are you doing to combat your chronic time trouble?

  2. Well it was G/90 and we were both short of time. Maybe I should not play in events that have a time control less than G/120.

    I have a pretty good record when the time control is G/120 or more

  3. 90 minutes is long enough to play a game of chess if you manage your time appropriately. If you read your own posts, you will see "time trouble" crop up again and again. It's not a matter of the length of time control or whether your opponent was in trouble - it's how you meet the "deadline."

  4. In this game, Ivan spent a lot of time on move 31 (which left him only a few minutes in a sudden death time control) he missed the non-typical looking Bd3+ a longer time control, he may have found it...

  5. I thought you weren't going to play in very many tournaments anymore? I think playing so much is hindering your development...

  6. Do you record the amount of time you spend on each move? Some of the Chronos clocks will do it for you.