Saturday, July 21, 2007

GBO 2007

My Games

Final results

It's nice to see a fellow adult A player have a great tournement. Mike Neitman went 5-0 to tie for first with Erik Santarius. In the 2nd round Mike beat the top seed Alex Betaneli.

Mike Neitman's rating jump : 1827 -->1940!

I finished 2-1=1

For a description of playing conditions etc click here. (Greg's Chess Progress)


  1. Ivan, who is the 1800 Alex lost to? How is Sasha doing?


  2. Put the game against 1200 so we can review it.

  3. can we see some games

  4. how can losing to a 1200 be aceptable to you ivan ?. Your chess is in serious need of help.

    Jon Burgess

  5. I didn't lose to a 1200, I drew.

  6. ok drawing with a 1200 thats bad too

  7. Ivan your chess really needs help. I cant imaging why you like to double your pawns in games.

  8. Ivan,

    You beat Sach's up a piece right? it says white won in final position. Also do not feel bad about draw with Strugnell(1200) he is no 1200, he is one of Alex's students and is at least 1500 when I was analyzing with him a few months ago. His rating has not caught up with him.

  9. Game 1
    Move 13 - you're up the whole piece. In that situation you should exchange pieces and not pawns. Why not Nxc3 immediately? You exchange pieces and white loses the bishop pair.
    Move 15 - Ba3 could be interesting, strangling the opponent. Look at that, noone can force your bishop to retreat.

  10. Game 2
    Move 8 - Why not b3? If black takes, you get one more pawn to the middle.
    Move 17 - what the hell? Why give up the bishop?
    Move 22 - no draw!! why not manuevring your knight to d3 via f4? You just need a crack to slip into.

  11. Game 3
    Move 13 - offer queen trade with Qd4.
    Move 15 - bad tripling of pawns.

  12. I got my 4 FIDE games in which was nice. I finished with 3.5/5. 2 wins and 3 draws. I beat an 1800, Jose Gatica, and the three draws were with FIDE 2200's. I would not suggest driving the day before the tournament it took 14 hours and I got in at 2 am and was exhausted for the whole tournament.