Monday, July 30, 2007

2007 Catfish Days etc.

I think I have addressed my confidence issues, these are the last ten results. (That last loss could have easily been a win, details below)

2007 Catfish Days Results

Organizer : James Kanne

Unique locally handcrafted trophies

I talked about previous Catfish Tournaments here.

Going into the last round, a win would have guaranteed a tie for second place, and my 1987 rated opponent handed me the game on a platter:(Looks like a position from Chess Tactics Server)

here Bb5 wins , but I just missed it (possible reasons; time trouble, didn't think my opponent would make such a mistake(I did see the move right after I took my hand off the Bishop on b3))
A few moves later I didn't see a move that lost the game (It's hard to believe that White has no defence here).


  1. ivan how can you miss bb5 it is soo easy to see. I really think your chess needs a lot of work this is not the standard of play for an 1800 player more for a 1400 player.

    who is your new coach ?


  2. Well an almost 2000 player missed the move too! (my opponent)

    Even Petrosian has been known to drop his queen:

  3. Well, you are not yet Petrosian so you can't give away queens. I noticed from the chart that your form has big ups and downs. You win against 1900, then you lose to 1400. What the hell is that all about? The weaker the player, the more ups and downs he has. 1800 rated players have steady performance but you... I don't know. What's your rating now?

    Do you analyse your games?

  4. I don't think I have lost to a 1400 since April. There is a link to my rating record on the right on the main page.

  5. Petrosian dropped his queen only a few times. A typical master will miss a simple tactic in approximately 1/150 games. On the contrary, you miss simple tactics every tournament. That is why something is wrong.

  6. Alot of famous chess players have blundered away queens, and even mate in ones...

    In order to avoid blunders I think you should do a lot of tactics, and not just from emrald, because that mainly helps your quickness in spotting tactics and pattern recognition.

    Here are some really good ones out there:

    Sharpen your tactics
    Master Challange

    I hope that helps. And also, I have seen some people post stuff such as your opening with d4 is bad, you block in your c1 bishop; but really opening does not matter in this level as long as you get an equal position.

  7. It's funny to see the people in the comments blast you so harshly all the time. You should invite them to a 'blogging' tournament; I would put my money on you winning.

  8. I think that my bad results that started about 4 months ago ( Rockford )have to do more with confidence issues/worrying about rating loss etc. than lack of chess skill.

    In the last 10 rated games I have lost only 2 games to a 2300 and a 1987.

    I plan to get a coach in September.

    Yes I analyse my games, specially the losses.