Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip

I will be taking a break from tounament chess Aug 15 - Sep 8th.

I will be embarking on a ~3000 mile road trip:


Although I won't be playing any tournament chess I plan to visit a few chess cafes etc. (Washington Square)

Toronto - Street food (Tandoori Chicken) at the South Asian festival in Little India, Gerrad Street

- Parliament Building

- 1976 Olympic Stadium

Quebec City

Washington Square
I sat down at one of the tables. The guy started with small talk about Anand, since he thought I was from India. He then wanted to play a game with no conditions to see where I stood. I didn't play that well and resigned when I lost a piece. I was ready for a money game now, but he refused to play me. He probably thought that I threw the game!


  1. hey, be careful in washington square park, I heard it gets ugly there sometimes. Also there is a maroczy system DVD on demonoid, its very instructive and written by GM Tiviakov

  2. I still think you are focusing MUCH too much on ratings, but if you insist ... I calculate your performance rating for the past ten games at 1866, not 1973.

  3. 1973 is based on games that have not been rated yet:

  4. 1847* Win Waukesha, WI
    1861 Win Peoria,IL
    1659 Loss Peoria,IL
    2000 Win Peoria,IL
    600 Win Peoria,IL
    1921 Loss Hales Corners, WI
    1921* Win Waukesha, WI
    1739 Win Hales Corners, WI
    1987 Loss Franklin, MN
    1531 Win Franklin, MN

  5. Goal set on achieving a specific rating is a good thing. I don't see anything wrong with that being the focus of one's effort. However, usually this type of goal is intermediary. For example, achieving a higher rating may be a preparation for winning a specific tournament or achieving a title. If such is the case, then one would not play in a known weaker field with the specific purpose of raising one's rating. Rating should genuinely reflect one's playing strenghth.

  6. Give up chess, move to wyoming and change your name is my advice!!

  7. Maybe your not so interested so much in the beauty and complexity of the game and are just interested in getting to 2000? Remember ratings dont mean anything. I was once a 1700 with master level performance ratings. Just play your heart out, dont worry about you losing points, you cant lost much anyways.

  8. If you had master level performance ratings you wouldn't your rating eventually go up?

  9. Cool pics from what looks like a fun trip! I have yet to summon the courage to play one of those s treet chess guys.