Thursday, August 09, 2007

Southwest Chess Club Championship

The 2007 Southwest Chess Club Championship ended today.

Final Results

My last round game against Coons was very interesting.

I tried a new opening and got into all kinds of trouble with my king in the middle of the board, but my king almost made it back to safety. Although I lost this game the following possible variation made the game worth while.

Here I played the losing 12....Ke6, since White can play d5+ then Bf4+ and d6. What's amazing is that the best move here is 12...g6! 13.Qd5+ Kg7 14.Qxa8 Bb4+ 15.Bd2 Qe7+ 16.Kd1 and Black is ok. But since White did not play the best moves, the game ended up in the following postion where I could have consolidated with Qb6 and then Ke7, Kf8, but I thought I could force an exchange of queens by going Qe8, but I ended up exposing my king to a deadly attack

After ....Qe8, Qh4 Qe4, Qf2 White is winning! The Queen check on c5 through my rook is a big threat.


  1. Could you show the entire game? I'm curious what his response was to Qe8, was it Qh4?

  2. ....Qe8
    Q h4 Qe4
    Q f3 and White is winning!