Thursday, November 22, 2007

G/90 Double Quad - Rounds 1,2,3

Click here for games in pgn.

I am playing in a double round robin quad at the Waukesha Chess Club. One game a week on Wednesdays.

I am 3-0 see Round 3 below

Quad 1
1921 ALEXANDER VELIKANOV (#2 Age 9 in the nation) 1.5
1910 JAMES J COONS 0.0

Quad 2
1841 Me 3.0

Round 1 - Nov. 7
Hetzel vs Garvin : Garvin won
Me vs Walker : I won Click here for game

I have a nice bind. Black played Qa5 here and Bc3 would have won easily for White, but I played h3 and still had a big edge.

Round 2 - Nov. 14
Walker vs Hetzel : Walker wins
Garvin vs Me : I won Click here for game

Here I have Bxd4+ and I win a pawn, but I decided not to go into this line since it leaves the White rook very active. I spent about 15 min here and got myself into bad time trouble. In the end I was down to my last 12 seconds(vs over a min.) and offered a draw in a pawn up position, but my opponent declined. In the end I was able to win his queen 0-1

Round 3 - Nov. 21
What I concentrated on for this game is not getting over confident. I was 2-0 going in and my opponent was 0-2 and was the lowest rated in the quad, plus I had 3-1 record against him.

In the following position with Black to play, I thought I could trap the White queen, but it turns out that I can't.My Knights are very well placed in the following position Hetzel vs Me : I won Click here for game
Walker vs Garvin : Garvin won
Round 4 - Nov. 28
Garvin vs Hetzel
Walker vs Me

Round 5 - Dec. 5
Me vs Garvin
Hetzel vs Walker

Round 6 - Dec. 12
Me vs Hetzel
Garvin vs Walker


  1. Ivan do you realise you played like 18 serious rated games in october 2007 along with some quick chess as well. It is no wonder your ches sis not improving when you are playing sooo much. Why not play one serious event a month and focus on that tournament. Playing so much and making many of the same mistakes doesnt help you any. Im not by any means a wonderful player however I am able to limit myself to not so many tournaments in a month and benefit from those tournaments I do play in. I am playing at the IL class thats my one tournament for december and then will be on to finiding something to play in in January.

    Jon Burgess

  2. I don't count the quick events, they are just for fun and a place to do some opening experimentation.

    I have cut down the number of games. Some of the tournaments I play in are game/week events, so although it looks like I played all the games in one sitting, they were playe over a longer period.

    For November I have just 1 w-end tournament plus one game a week event. That's just 8 games for November. Similar for December. Although I might also add the IL class.

    I didn't make any serious mistakes in my last win, although I missed Neg5! after Black played Be7.

    Thanks for the input

  3. Jon, Greetings! Ivan has indeed cut DOWN on his chess tournaments, but it is still way too much. I consider myself an extremely active player, but I come off as "barely playing" when compared to Ivan.

    Ivan, any chance I could give you a bunch of flyers for the US Amateur Team north event to distribute all over Midwest while you travel?

    Alex Betaneli

  4. I can distribute flyers, but I won't be doing much travelling in the next few months

  5. This blog crashes Firefox (on a Mac), and while it does display in Safari, your new games links don't work there. Kind of a bummer.

  6. Against Garvin, you have a wonderful-looking position after Black's 27th move, but in response to 28. Qd4, ... f5 lets Black hang on. So, let's ask ourselves, how do we prevent ... f5? 28. Bf6, that's how! White can follow up with Bc2 and Qd3, or if PxB, Q and R combine for the kill.

  7. I put a pgn link on the post:

  8. Comment #5, posted at 1:25, refers to the game in which Ivan had White against Walker.

  9. hey Ivan,

    Did you hear what happend to demonoid? I was just wondering if you have fritz 11 can you upload it somewhere, thanks.

  10. demonoid

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    I don't have the Fritz disks


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  12. I'm playing 4-6 games/month. I hope that is neither too many nor too few! I'm guessing the key is that one must have time to reflect upon and learn from their mistakes before their next tournament if one wants to improve.

  13. i like to be very thorough. question, in one instance you show as 'iw', and as another as 'i'.

    which do you prefer, or is it both?

    ive made a note in my links file to address this, and have notes on recent changes, so wont be missed.

    id appreciate your response. thx, dk

  14. I went from i to iw, or you can use Getting to 2000