Friday, November 16, 2007

This and that

Chess Position Trainer
There is a great free tool called Chess Position Trainer that can be used to maintain an opening repertoire. Not only can you easily maintain a repertoire, but there are great tools that can be used to test your knowledge.

I recenly joind Free Internet Chess Server . My handle is ivanw, lets play chess! For those having both, how does your USCF rating compare to the FICS rating. My FICS rating is more than 300 points less.

Chess Tactics Server
I am frustrated that after more than 20,000 tries I can't make much progress as far as rating goes. I got upto around 1600, but am now about 100 points less. It probably makes more sense to go for accuracy rather than rating, as it better represents over the board play. Handle : iwijetunge

Here is a great tool by Wayne Zimmerle. Ever wondered who you have played the most, the highest rated player you beat etc? It's all there.


  1. Thanks for the USCF Data link.

    I tried it and then blogged about it here.

  2. When I tried to download the program at CPT, I got a message that I would need to purchase a platform after 40 days of free use. Is that what you encountered, too? I'm not real computer savvy, so maybe I did something wrong.

  3. From the main page I went to the free download page. I didn't get any messages regarding purchasing.

  4. I did not get any such message either...