Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chicago Class Championships

USCF Results

IM Kirill Kudeinov(Right) tied for first with Yermo. He beat Gurevich in round 3. The battle of the generations in the U2200 section. Alexander Velikanov (10) battling Erik Karklins (94 years young) in round 3. Experience won out this time. Erik had a chance to tie for first going into the last round. He gained almost 50 points. You can see Erik's son Andrew Karklins playing in the Master section above and to the left of Erik's head. WI top juniors, Brian Luo(2069) and Alexander Velikanov(2027) #2 and #3 in the age 10 list. They played each other to a draw in the last round, and finished with 2.0/5.0
Pink squares and cool shades in the U1000 section

Six of us rode together, and except for Paitrick who finished 2-2=1 playing up in the U2200 section, the rest of us performed well below our capabilities.


  1. Looks like Ivan, you had a bad start. Anyway, you can still make up for the loss.

    Betaneli is really having a good time.

    Are these games being shown somewhere ?


  2. I'm looking at these young players, like the 11 year old and that guy Kirill, and how high they are really amazes me.