Tuesday, July 01, 2008

World Open 2008

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Most go to the World Open with dreams of finishing high enough to snag a nice prize, but only about 5% of the participants come home richer than they went in. The rest of us are left dreaming of what might have been. Just for the record it is not impossible for a regular Joe to make a decent showing : My tie for 3rd place in the HB Global U1800

I was in a confident mood going in, but this was definitely not my year. I was going to play in the 5 day with 2 byes for rounds 1 and 2, but car trouble on the way forced me to decide between taking 3 byes or playing in the 3-day event. I decided to play in the 3-day although playing five games of G/45 in one day was not going to be easy. Further delays forced me to take a bye for round 1. I finally started in round two but 2 losses in a row did me in.

Although I had a disappointing result, I enjoyed the trip to Philly and got to meet several old friends and fellow bloggers. There is always next year!

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  1. The reason for reduced attendance is obvious. When people found out I wasn't going to be there, they decided it wasn't worth it to show up.

  2. Ivan, thanks for the report and photo, I used it (with credit to you) and linked up to the World Open reports of all you guys over at my blog.

    Can you do me a favor and send me the score of our first round LEPers game (if you've got it)? Thanks!


  3. "there is always next year" sounds a little bit like resignation to me...

    Apart from having fun with friends on 4July weekend what was your participation in the WO really worth?

    IMO it didn't make sense for you to participate, as your current performance is down to your 1800 floor, which means your chances of pulling off a "decent show" in the <2000 section was zero right from the start.
    That you just played (and lost) two games for your good money (big fee and lots of expenses I suppose!) doesn't sound like lot of fun to me really...

    If I may give you an advise at this moment, just give your tournament play a rest for a while (and spend more time with your family); maybe focus on your next tournament ... say during X-Mas holidays. Until then take on Watson's "Secrets of Chess Strategy" (~ 8 weeks; it will give you a desperately needed new perspective on chess) and work through Palliser's "Complete Chess Workout" (daily tactical training; mark the Puzzles you couldn't solve quickly and go over these again)
    Do also Silman's "Complete Endgame Book" up to the 2000 rating level(Takes really no more than two weeks).
    And finally, choose some decent, easy-to-learn main openings for white and black, get a good specialised book on each of these openings (there is a lot out there today; use the amazon reviews for choosing a book) and play through the chosen opening lines with a computer program. That will give you a better understanding of the resulting positions than your opponents will have OTB, and that's what the opening prep is really all about.

    To cut down on the opening preparation there is nothing wrong with the "Colle" or the "London System" for White for example.

    As Black you may stick to your CK against e4, so just work out your response to 1.d4/c4.
    Maybe choose a flexible system. The QGD for example is very easy to play and is tested in nearly all World Championship matches...

    But better you choose the openings yourself and don't give your preparation away (!) here on your blog.

    If you spend initially 4 weeks on each opening line then you will be ready before X-Mas (Watson-8weeks; Silman-2weeks; 3 openings - 12 weeks; all together 22 weeks)

    And just go to the next WO only when you're >1950 otherwise you have no real chances to pull off the money in the <2000 section.


  4. It's weird; Blunderprone's the only one smiling in that picture.

    And likesforests is the one with the big trophy!

  5. I got to your blog through chessloser's.
    Looks like you have an extensive tournament experience.
    Can you, please, give me a few comments on my blog from this point of view?
    Also, can we exchange links?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Bruz,

    Some good advice.
    I will just add to analyze your past games.

  7. Like your BLOG..I am also in the same boat attempting to reach 2000. I last played in the world open in 2000 in the under 2000 section and tied 19th thru 35th place. I realized then as I do now that it will take a lot of hard work and more than just study/play and I'm not really ready. Now that I am retired, a lot of my excuses should go by the waste side. Either I do it now or don't.