Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WCC Double Round Quads - G/90

Waukesha Chess Club

There are 6 quads and a 5 person section for a total of 31

Click here for results (Quads 1 & 2)

Click here for my uninspiring draw against Raymond Hayes. (I was behind on time and didn't really like my position so I took the draw that was offered)

I am White. We analyzed the game using Coon's quad-core 64bit machine running Rybka 3, and these are improvements she found:

9. d x e5
11. a3
12. B x f4
13. B x f4
15. Q d2 (e5 probably the worst move I made)
19. R e5


  1. raymond hayes is floored out...dont get too excited about that one.

  2. Where do you sense any excitement?

    Do you know what "uninspiring" means?