Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canadian Open Blitz (Chaos)

There were over 80 players.

The organizer does not believe in computers & pairings were done by hand!

Pairing took for ever. The number of rounds were cut from 7 to 5 (Double round). Lots of players were complaining about that.

The five rounds lasted past midnight!

IM Artiom Samsonkin & FM Bindi Cheng tied for first with 8.5/10.0 & won $350 each.

I tied for first with another in my rating group and split $80.00

I was paired against a "B" player, a 1900 and 3 experts. I won one and lost one against all opponents to finish with 5.0/10.0


  1. Wow, that does seem like a bad call by the TD; for a blitz event - using computer pairings should be an obvious choice. Maybe the turnout was higher than expected ...

  2. I wonder if the TD comes from the stone ages and therefor refused to pair with a computer?

    Well done on your result although in blitz anything can happen.

  3. i played in an active tourn yesterday where the pairings were done by hand. DISGRACEFUL!

    I will not play again in a tourn without a computer making pairings. These aren't the stone ages, you know.