Thursday, July 01, 2010

Chess, Soccer & Barbecue

Experiencing any one of the above would be great, but I had the chance to experience all three at once at the recent BBQ Open held at the Contreras’ residence in Corpus Christi.

Soccer: US vs England
Barbecue : All you can eat chicken, beef, sausage BBQ, potato salad, rice, beans, tortillias, sodas and water included in the 10$ entry fee!

Bill Wheeler(left) on his way to going 3-0

There were 8 people in the top section ans I was the 3rd seed.

I finished 2-1=0 losing to Bill Wheeler in round 2.

Cross table here

I thought I played well until 23. Bxh5?? . I should have just brought the Knight back to e5 instead.


  1. If you are still trying to reach 2000, you CANNOT be putting pieces en prise...

  2. IMHO, White plays a lackluster opening, followed by brilliant middle-game tactic, and then for some reason tries to pursue the tactic once it is gone and no longer relevant.

    It makes me think that White is feeling in time-pressure and wants to end it right there somehow, but instead needs to be satisfied with positional pressure.

    I don't understand why you didn't seem to pursue positional advantages more during this game than tactical advantages. I guess the fact that Black's king is exposed, but that is not necessarily the biggest feature in the position against a strong opponent.

    If you win this game (heck, you are playing the White pieces after all) and go 3 out of 3, you could get a nice rating jump.

  3. If you like soccer and chess, try this game:
    here's a cool video of it: