Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Nolan annotates his last round win against FM Tautvydas Vedrickas from the Texas Team 2011


  1. I am rated around 2450, I was very impressed with the game & the annotations, he definitely has GM potential

  2. Based on the comments to the game, I think that Nolan can be a very good author.

    Maybe a book to help adult players reach the next level?

    45 years rated 1555!


  3. Black didn't play like a FIDE master, maybe he had other things on his mind :)

  4. Thanks for all the kind words fellow chess friends!

    I do hope to write chess books someday :-).

    Yes my opponent perhaps did not play all that well, but it is very hard to foresee how bad blacks position gets so quickly! For example, what did black really do wrong here in this game?

    In my opinion he probably HAD to play ...f5 but at first sight it looks real nasty, but in fact the structure that arises after (rhetorically speaking now ...f5, e5 and ...nf7, and it turns into a slow game where black has a decent amount of play on the queenside.


  5. ..f6 and ..cxb are unbelievable errors for that rating. Still, most will just look at ratings, and both of your ratings are high.

    ..Re8 instead of ..f6 is not hard to find. Black can unwind that position until White wins something on his/her own, no need to give away a piece with hardly any prompting, regardless of how bad it looks or is.

  6. I meant ..Rd8 not ..Re8. Yes, preceeding ..c4 with ..e5 first looked much better.

  7. In regards to your last comment you must one understand one thing though, his position is hopelessly lost before ...f6, and it was his attempt to complicate the position due to some cheapo-type tactics involving Rxc5 and Bxa1. If he does not play f6 he will most likely get mated down the h-file or lost a piece by force.

    And so if you look at the position more carefully Rd8 does nothing and white will win without problems.


  8. Ugh, I hate facing 2.Nc3. Generally, against the grand prix I would play 2.d5 with an interesting game, but after 2.Nc3 now I play 2.a6- this leads to a much easier game for black- I wrote a post about it here http://brooklyn64.com/2011/an-antidote-for-sideline-sicilians/

  9. It's amazing to see a FIDE master made to look like a 1200 player!

    I wish I could do that

  10. I've just accidentally stumbled on this, nice analysis Nolan.

    Like I've said after the game, I think you are already stronger than me (even though I did not put up much of a fight in this game) and this analysis just proves it :)

    Best of luck to you!


  11. Thanks Tautvydas for your nice comments, if you are still going to dallas I might see you down there next year!

    lefthandsketch - 2...a6 is a sort of pesky move, but you have to be willing to play both a closed sicilian a "half-tempo down" which isn't too much a problem, or deal with 3.g3 Bg2 4.Nge2 and d4, which is the best line for white.