Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dream etc.

I had a dream a couple of days ago that I had suddenly become a better player! Since then I have played 2 rated games (G/90), and in both cases I won pretty handily. (against a 1600 and 1700). I am almost beginning to believe my dream. But I am sure that I will be brought down to earth in short order.

In the first game I got my pieces well developed and the attack netted me a pawn. Although I was pretty sure that I could have gotten more, (move 12) I decided to go into the end game a solid pawn up. Later I managed to weaken black's pawn structure and then get a knight on to the great f4 square. I have been reading Irving Chernev's "Capablanca's Best Chess Endings", and was reminded of some of them in this game, especially when black finds him self in zugzwang after he runs out of pawn moves around move 36. Even patzers like us can have a good day once in a while!

In the next game my opponent makes a not so good move against the center counter. 2. e5, and got himself in trouble with my bishops causing havoc on the queen side.

Game Link

Both these games are part of a 5 round double round robin. I only have a 4-4=0 score so far. The story of the event is 8 year old Alexander Velikanov. He is 9-0. With only one game remaining against me. All the other adults in the club are rooting for me. I can't let an 8 year old go 10-0! After this tournament gets rated he should be the highest ranked 8-year old in the nation!

Here is Alxander's last game. (He is playing white)

If you have any pointers for me please let me know. I usually play the Qd6 Scandinavian, I played it against Alexander a few weeks ago and got a great game out of the opening, but lost in the end. I don't think he will play the same way again. He is very good tactically and has a lot off opening knowledge. He is thought to have an expert level knowlede of rook endings and to be almost as good in pawn endings. I thought of playing the Caro Kann (Which I used to play) But by me switching openings just for him, I might find myself in more trouble. He has a coach and they prepare for specific opponent's by going through their openings. When I played white against him a few weeks ago, he knew more about the opening that I did!


  1. Play what you know best.

  2. If you play something you do not know it leaves two possibilities, 1) Your opponent will know more theory than you(which it sounds like) most likely he will know the plans and thematic tactics better than you. 2) You are on equal ground. Are you the better chess player? Maybe you should ask yourself this question? If you are a worse chess player how do you expect to win a position you do not play. If you are a better chess player why not just beat him in the opening you normally play? Do not be fooled by age, when top GM's are asked how they deal with people like Magnus Carlsen they say that they treat him just like any other player.

  3. Always play what you know best or you are mentally conceding that he will beat you in what you know best!

  4. Try to lure him into a Moscow type Sicilian: 1.e4, c5 2.Nf3, d6 3.Bb5+. This is nice and positional and does not allow black any early tactics. But, of course, he might be reading your BLOG and picking up some ideas on how to play you.

  5. I will be playing black in this game. I have 13 days to prepare.

  6. I think that you should book up for 13 days on one of the openings. I mean just memorise as much as humanly possible, you will not only know more book when the game comes around, but also be much more confident in those positions. Also you can play training games with your coach in the opening your are booking up on. Eat and sleep the opening!

  7. How about a Catalan, Closed; E06, E07, E08 or E09. It's a very positional game with a slow build up. If black get tactical too fast, white should definitely have an advantage.