Sunday, December 23, 2007

Joe Fieder Memorial

One of the great things about chess is the opportunity to meet new people and travel to new places. I did just that yesterday when I visited Random Lake, WI (Population 1551) for the 11th Joe Feider Memorial Tournament. (5 round swiss, G/30, Unrated)

This tournament is held in memory of Joe Fieder, an avid chess player who succumbed to a car accident in 1979.

It is organized by Edward Ferber ("Doc") with support from the Fieder family, the local library and other volunteers.

Keanu Davis receiving the Junior High trohy from "Doc"

"Doc" has a collection of over 200 chess sets and we had the opportunity to see and play on some of them. Kudos to "Doc" for a great event conducted in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere complete with snacks (chess cookies, fruit cake etc.) and hot beverages.

There were 34 participants. I was the 4th seed. I won the tournament on tie breaks with a score of 4.5 / 5.0 and received a nice clock trophy for my effort.
Round 4
I was paired against former master Larry Ahrens . I was happy with my play and won the end game although I missed 24...Rxd4 which would have given me a clear edge. Stephane Desmoulin(1675) upset 4 time winner Paul La Cosse (1816).

Round 5
I had White against Stephane in the last round. I thought I was doing better most of the game, but got myself into time trouble and made several bad moves. I was able to hold the opposite colored bishop with a pawn down to secure the draw.


  1. Congratulations, Ivan! Winning ANY tournament, regardless of time control or the population of the town it's held in, is an accomplishment of which to be proud!

  2. Well done man! Great tourout for a poorly advertised event.

  3. Well it's unrated, and I don't think they want it to get too big!

  4. That's a very cool trophy!

    Sometimes those little local events can be more interesting and fun then the mega events that we often want to put on our calendars.


  5. Thanks everyone, Best wishes for 2008 to you all

  6. Sorry the games link does not work anymore.