Saturday, January 26, 2008

44th Northeastern Open

IM MESGEN AMANOV Betaneli & Satarius tied for first.

To learn more about Mesgen click here. I understand that he has relocated to Chicago.

Complete results here.


  1. Ivan,

    I am going into update withdrawl. Please give us detailed results.

    Chess Addict

  2. The only bad thing about taking a first round bye is it could hurt one's tie breaks.

  3. Thanks for another great tourney.
    Always love the weather this time of year.

  4. Those 1400s are not always 1400!:)

    Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the great job!

  5. Ivan,

    if you joined the "Knights Errant" and are doing the "Seven Circles" Crap, then you deserve no better.

    Read Silman; and Watson.
    Get yourself a decent Openings Repertoire and always Blunder-check your moves before touching a piece.
    Don't stroll around in the playing hall for long, but stay at the board for most of the time, then you will get a better grasp of the given positions.
    Never ever make a quick move "on general terms" if you have enough time left.
    Good luck,


  6. Bruz,

    Who are you to tell Ivan, what to do? You sound like a person who loses drawn rook endings. What is your rating?

  7. Bruz

    Leave Ivan alone he doesnt need your adivce. Who are you anyway Bruz tell everyone your real name instead of hiding.

    Jon Burgess

  8. Ivan,

    What is happening in the reserve section?

  9. Ivan,

    I just read Greg's blog. Sad to see you see lose out to him in this manner. Greg said you were in time trouble and the mishap happened on the last move on time control. Dun be too hard on yourself.

    Even GMs blunder when they were nearing time controls.

    Best of luck for the remainder of the tournament.


  10. To Alex, Jon et al.:

    As Ivan's blog is open for everybody, I just want to provide Ivan my personal advise on how to achieve his goal to reach USCF rating 2000.
    Ivan of course can make use of it or reject it just as he likes.
    If he doesn't want advise and says so, o.k. I will stop doing that.

    But I think Ivan can speak by himself. He doesn't need others (Alex, Jon Burgess...) doing it for him IMO. This is Ivan's blog and I give my advise to him and not to Alex, Jon, etc...

    I personally find it very arrogant of these "others" to dare to speak and reject advise in Ivans name, and I start wondering if these "others" themselves really provide honest and selfless advise or if they may have hidden agendas?!

    I have no personal knowledge of Mr.Betaneli or Mr.Burgess, but I remember reading Mr.Betaneli offering "lessons" to Ivan. I hope Mr.Betaneli doesn't charge Ivan for that, otherwise it would be very unethically for him to write on this blog in the way he does and reject advise in Alex name.

    As I do have no business with you guys (Alex, Jon,...) just stop responding to me, because I am not talking to you at all.

    Sorry for Ivan to clarify that on his blog.


  11. Bruz

    It would be nice if you would identify yourself. What is your real name ?. Are you a strong player at all ?

    Myself and Alex Betaneli are National Master standard players and we have both been playing chess for a long time. We have both seen Ivan play and both know Ivan as well outside of this blog.

    It is really irritating when people wont say who they are and just blog comments for the sake of it.

    At least identify yourself Bruz.

    Jon Burgess

  12. Congratulations to Erik for making Master!!

  13. I agree with BRUZ: unless Ivan says that his advise is unsound or unwanted, there is nothing wrong with his blogs.

    On the other hand, BRUZ should re-read his own blogs for a couple reasons:
    1.he pretty clearly stated that he was in Oshkosh at the Veteran's tournament in November (unless his English is so broken that it merely read that way) a logical level, his comments at times are nothing short of a complete mystery

    What in the world does this paragraph, even taking into account strange sentence structure, mean:
    "I have no personal knowledge of Mr.Betaneli or Mr.Burgess, but I remember reading Mr.Betaneli offering "lessons" to Ivan. I hope Mr.Betaneli doesn't charge Ivan for that, otherwise it would be very unethically for him to write on this blog in the way he does and reject advise in Alex name."

    Can somebody explain? I am not at all being sardonic here: I don't get what is unethical (or even who is unethical). Mr. Betaneli and Alex are the SAME PERSON, right?!

    Jon Burgess teaches professionally; I have helped the following currently active players from WI to improve (the list is by no means exhaustive): Ashish Vaja, Erik Santarius, Jeremy Kane, and Brian Luo. When I suggest books, I stand by them and I have a record of them helping people. When BRUZ does it, well.... No comment.

    Erik is a master!!!

    Alex Betaneli

  14. To Alex:

    it must read of course: "unethically Ivan's name" as should be clear from the context.

    But BTW, if you are a good chess coach, then I have a suggestion:
    IMO you should prove being a good chess coach by getting Ivan as soon as possible to his 2000 USCF rating, and of course for FREE !!!
    As Ivan runs an interesting and widely read blog on his "2000-quest" you could promote your coaching skills here in case of Alex's success.

    But as of now, everybody just sees that you (chess coach) are kind of a "friend" of Ivan and that Ivan is not improving in spite of putting a huge effort in chess. Not very convincing. (And that some of your students are successful could be mere coincidence and could have nothing to do with your teaching; definitely not all of your students will be masters, are they? You just pick the cream of the ice)
    So if you would be good in coaching, just prove it and get Ivan to his 2000. Then everybody will see your skills.
    A lot of potential students will follow (to pay then) AFTER your superior skills are evident.
    You will not get a better chance for promoting yourself than Ivan's blog. Believe me.

    So, "just do it".


  15. Bruz

    I noticed your latest comment about Alex coaching Ivan to get him to 2000 rating. First of all Ivan has some issues to work out. First he has to stop saying he will score whatever score when he walks into a tournament you dont say I will score 4 points out of 5 when you start a tournament you say I will do my best whatever score I end up with. Secondly Ivan needs to treat everyone as a strong player whatever there rating be it 1400 or 2000.

    Thirdly Alex Betaneli is already a superb chess coach and he doesnt need in my opinion to be teaching anyone to get publicity for himself. He is already the best player in Wisconsin and is well respected and liked.

    Now we know who I am and Alex is Bruz we would like to know your real name and if your a strong player.

    Alex is a 2300 player and Im a 2200 player.

    Jon Burgess

  16. It takes a extreme amount of hard work and discipline to achieve the rank of Master in chess. It seems unreasonable to suggest that someone (let’s say a chess master in this circumstance) devote their time and energy in helping another chess player reach a higher rating and not charge for their time and expertise. There is a lot of work that goes into giving chess lessons, and a chess teacher definitely should be paid for their labor and time.

  17. Yeah Bruz we all want to know who you are, stop hiding.

  18. Robin said:...and a chess teacher definitely should be paid for their labor and time.

    The whole attraction of this blog is Ivan's "Quest" (against the dark forces of the USCF ratings) to finally lay hands upon the Holy Grail of 2000 points.
    Paying sb to reach his goal would take away the whole fun and attraction of it IMO.

    I never heard that Perceval paid sb to find the Holy Grail. Would be a boring story then...

    Ivan, keep up the quest!

  19. Whatever little differences Chris (oops BRUZ!) and I may have in terms of book recommendations / study methods, they are easily erased by BRUZ's terrific sense of humor. I really appreciate a good laugh in the middle of a cold day!Please continue to write.

    Not sure who "everybody" is in "..everybody just sees that you (chess coach) are kind of a "friend" of Ivan and that Ivan is not improving in spite of putting a huge effort in chess. Not very convincing". Perhaps I should attempt to decipher this from the context?! Surely, the list of people is limited to BRUZ?

    BRUZ's proposition of me teaching Ivan for free is interesting and I would be happy to do this with a few simple conditions:
    1.BRUZ personally convinces Ivan to follow my advice
    2.BRUZ puts up a small wager (say $1,000)
    3.BRUZ agrees to stay clear of giving his own advice while I teach Ivan (you know, to make sure the experiment is not contaminated)

    I think it will be enjoyable for all involved. BRUZ benefits from huge publicity (and perhaps stumbles upon the Holy Grail) and has a chance to win $1,000 after I do not succeed. Furthermore, if I fail, I will be thrilled to make a similar wager with BRUZ trying to take Ivan to 2000. Then BRUZ might discover that teaching chess is the meaning of his life; that he is the chosen one!

    Ivan and I have one thing in common: we play chess. We say hi to each other and we are definitely on friendly terms. In that limited sense, one can consider us as "friends."

    Finally, I enjoyed "the cream of the ice" reference the most! One would be hard pressed to find GMs and IMs in this country who took students from, quite literally, learning "en passant" to expert/master level. There is hardly a need to point out that it's far more difficult for a mere master to have done just that.

    That being said, I would freely admit that my record with adult students is far less spectacular. The few adults I have taught seriously have merely enjoyed victories over higher rated folks and perhaps gained some rating points.

    Alex Betaneli

  20. Alex, I don't hope you mean me. I don't hide from anyone.