Friday, January 18, 2008

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer (March 9, 1943-January 17, 2008)

Link to Fischer quotes and pictures

IM Watson on RJF

Collection of RJF videos

(Argentina, 1971)


  1. Kasparov (on Mig's Daily Dirt), put it well:

    "...Fischer's relentless energy exhausted everything it touched - the resources of the game itself, his opponents on and off the board, and, sadly, his own mind and body. While we can never entirely separate the deeds from the man, I would prefer to speak of his global achievements instead of his inner tragedies. It is with justice that he spent his final days in Iceland, the site of his greatest triumph. There he has always been loved and seen in the best possible way: as a chessplayer."

  2. Well put. I will always enjoy going over Fischers games and feel disappointed in Bobbys other "achievements". If only he loved the country which he once represented....