Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moving to Corpus Christi,Texas etc.

World Youth Championship Qualifiers There are 2 WI juniors : A. Velikanov & B. Luo in the Boys Under 12 category

WI Tour, J.Veech will be in the sole lead after the HCC IX totals have been calculated.

FM A. Betaneli is now the highest rated active WI player at 2325, With Eric Santarius closing in on 2301. Sheldon still holds on to the # 2 spot despite going from 2342 to 2316.

I will be in Sydney Australia April 26-May 12. I plan to stop by the North Sydney Chess Club, and play a game with fellow blogger Lousy at Chess.

I will be re-locating to Corpus Christi, TX in June. The Corpus Christ Chess Club is just starting up.

I also plan to start a chess club and coach Roshan's school team at SMA.

I plan to play in 2 more events in the Midwest: The Chicago Open and the G/90 Spring Swiss at the Waukesha Chess Club.


  1. Best of luck on your move to Texas. WI chess will miss you.

    John and Scott V

  2. Ivan, Say it isn't so. You and your coverage of the Wisconsin chess scene will be sorely missed. Good Luck, but feel free to change your mind about leaving town, Tom Fogec

  3. We will miss you. Please stay in touch.

  4. Ivan suddenly has a few winter coats and hats to donate to a coat drive.

  5. Hello Ivan,

    Just to let u know that Sydney will be quite freezing at night. It is not expected to snow but the temperatures are expected to be around 5-7 degrees in the evening.

    Daytime is fairly ok/mild.

    I will be at the North Sydney RSL chess club on Tuesday night (28th Apr).

    By the way, do you need transport on Tuesday nights to the club?

    I work nearby in North Sydney and will be happy to offer you a lift to the chess club.


  6. Ivan, sorry to hear you are leaving. Any chance you have an heir in mind to take over WI Chess coverage and gossip? You know, show them how to update a blog and post games and who all the important chess contacts are? Hopefully the updated Tour Results will be available before you stop covering WI! Good Luck, I'll still check in here to read about the TX Chess scene and your progress to 2000.

  7. Ivan, let me just say this: Your blog is very awesome. It will be a sad time if no one takes over. Please consider. And once again, your blog is GREAT! Good luck in Texas! I almost teared up when I saw you were leaving.

    -Chess Dude

  8. Ivan, Wisconsin's loss will be Texas's gain.
    All the best.
    Richard Reich,M.D.

  9. Thanks everyone.

    I will miss WI too

  10. Hi, Ivan, I am Haining, David Jin's father. I want to tell you I like your blog and read it frequently even though we haven't talked each other. It is awesome place (forum) for all WI chess players and fans.
    I don't play chess, but I have also learned a lot from David's playing, no matter his losing or winning. Chess is a good lesson for him and for me as well.
    It is sad to hear you are leaving, I hope you keep doing with the blog and your chess.
    Good luck with you and you family in TX!

    Haining Jin

  11. Mr.Jin

    Thanks for the message.


  12. WI Tour Standing Update? Are you still #1?!

  13. I'm hoping your Quest to 2000 will get much easier in Texas. Many have commented to me at National events that the players from WI seem to play at much higher level than their USCF rating. Although WI chess is doing very well, there are not many opportunities for you to play higher rated players here in WI. Hence gaining rating points has not been that easy for you.

    Just for kicks, the I looked at the USCF website to see how WI and TX compare. There are 25 active players in WI rated 2000 and above, most of which only play irregularly, if at all, in WI tournaments. Texas, by contrast, has 141 players rated 2000 or above. Hopefully you will have a lot of opportunities to play higher rated players in Texas and reach your goal.

    I'm sure many of us will continue following you and your progress toward 2000 and beyond.

    Scott V

    PS I hope you have a great trip to Australia!!! We'll see you at the Chicago Open.

  14. Really sorry to hear that your leaving. From what has been posted so far, it looks as though you'll have better competition in Texas. Playing against stronger players a larger percent of the time will surely make your rating rise. Time permitting, I expect you should have no problem reaching your goal by the end of the year. I will still check your blog....which is one of the tabs I always keep open on Mozilla.

    Also, congratulations to Alex for his success. As Tom Petty said "It's good to be King".

  15. I thought Tom Petty sang, "And I'm"

  16. For those of you who aren't on my email list and would like to follow Wisconsin chess after Ivan's departure, feel free to visit the blog I recently created at . I'm open to any suggestions.

    Hope your havin a great time in Australia! Lookin forward to seeing pictures :)

  17. On Tuesday I plan to visit the chess club mentioned and at a park that has a giant and other sets set up

  18. Thanks for all the hard work, all the best in Texas

    WI Chess fan

  19. Ivan,

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog and into WI Chess. You inspired me to start my own blog: It will have upcoming Wisconsin events, weekly: puzzles, positions to analyze,Grandmaster games, games of Wisconsin Chess Players, and hopefully coverage of the WI chess scene both scholastic and adult.

    NM Ashish Vaja

  20. Ashish, you have chosen very large shoes to fill and have made some bold statements regarding content. Weekly puzzles, positions, and games - Oh My! I look forward to seeing your blog and hope everyone stops in to improve their chess. WI needs to catch up to TX in their number of players above 2000.