Monday, April 06, 2009

Supernationals 2009

Like they say, "you really had to be there". There is nothing quite like being in the midst of over 5000 chess players.

Click here for all the results.

Women's World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk

I got to meet Polly from Castling Queen Side

I played in the 4 rounds G/30 Parents & Friends event on Saturday.

USCF results here.

I don't usually play with rated games faster than G/60, but I had to make an exception. There were 75 players and I was the 9th seed. After winning the first 2 I had the following position in round 3. I am up a pawn, but could not come up with a plan and drew the game. After looking at the position later I came up with ...Nd3 with the idea of doubling rooks.

I was paired against expert Alan Kantor from TN in the last round. I had a great middle game position but we got to the following ending, where the queen-side pawn majority should give me the edge, but with less than 1 minute left on both clocks I managed to lose.
I added Tennessee to the list of States I have played in, to bring the count up to 19.


  1. Great picture of you with the Champ!

  2. For your first position, how about ...b6 (to keep the N off c5, followed by ...Rd3 which attacks the pawn and prepares the doubling of the rooks.