Saturday, December 02, 2006

Illinois Class Champ. : Dec 2-3 (Joliet, IL)


Tournament format: 4 round Swiss G/120

I finished with 1-2=1. I missed lots of tactics but still lost only 10 rating points to end up at 1865.

Game 3 where I was able to sacrifice my queen for mate made the whole tournament worthwhile for me. (I missed 13..Bxa3 & 17...Qf1+, but If I had seen them, I would not have been able to sac the queen in the end!)

Game 4 was a big disappointment. After playing a great game, (where I missed at least 2 opportunities to put the game away 17. Qh3 and 22.Bb4) I got myself into terrible time trouble and lost. There was $100.00 riding on this game too!

Observations etc.

Bad time management in Game 4. I spent about 20 min. deciding between 9.0-0 and (9.Nxd7 Nxd7 10.Qg4.) I was about an hour behind my opponent on time after about 17 moves.

I used to not be able to recover after a loss, but after losing Game 2 I came back strongly in Game 3 and almost had Game 4.

I had lost only 2 games out of 12 for the month of November. If I want to keep that up in December I can't lose any more games!

"A" players miss lots of tactics!

Rnd 1 - HECTOR R HERNANDEZ (1900) vs Me - Draw

Rnd 2
- Me vs TREVOR S MAGNESS (1897) - Loss

This was a bad loss. I completly missed the danger at f2. Instead of 16.Bd3, 16.h5 would have left me with a slight pull. Even after 17.Nxe5 I could have still played h5 and the game is about equal.

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Rnd 3 - DANIEL SAJKOWSKI(1862) vs Me - Win

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Rnd 4 - Me vs ERIC S ROSEN (1909) - Loss

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  1. Would that be Josh Dubin? He's like about 8 or 9 years old, if that's whom you mean. I met him at a chess camp in Minnesota in 2005. Nice kid, very good player.

  2. He is ranked 20th in the 12 year old category:

    20 Dubin, Joshua 12 IL 1892

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  4. nice blog, good luck on getting to 2000.

  5. try openings that may actually help your results! You never seem to show a game that white plays queen pawn against you. Why is that?

  6. I don't get to face d4 that often, I still play c6 and try to get into a caro kann, or play the slav.I think that lack of tactical insight is the main reason I am not 2000