Friday, December 15, 2006

Missing Loss

This was a loss I forgot to include in a previous post. White tries an unusual second move. Instead of playing 2...d6 or 2...d5 I tried 2...Qa5. That was not that bad, but after I played 7...c5 I was in a bad way. I had to play 7...d6

Russ Montey (1842) vs Me Loss

Click here to replay the game.


  1. Ouch. Well, you get credit for being brave enough to share this painful loss with us.

    In many of your blog comments I notice a focus on opening theory and specific variations. Yet in this game, when your opponent played a single non-standard move (which should have transposed to a standard line), you-self destructed. I wonder whether you should modify your approach to opening preparation away from pure memorization to studying the ideas behind the moves.

  2. 8 ... Ng4, hitting the P on e5, looks quite playable, and preferable to the game continuation.

  3. ...Ng4 would be a wasted move after h3...

    Black should pay his dues and try 8...Nf5

    Black could have saved another tempo with 9...Qb6

    10 Be4 was better for white. White actually missed a lot of better moves in the game. He nearly squandered away the half point.

  4. (correction above)
    15 Be4, (not move 10)

  5. 8 ... Ng4 doesn't work because of Nb5, not because of h3 (Black can reply cd).

  6. (to anonymous) at this point, maybe nothing is able to hold, but at least you now see that Ng4 does not work. I would have played h3 then, and I still believe it would be the best response. After 9...cxd, (not the best response to h3) white simply plays 10. Nb5 and blacks destruction is swift!