Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wisconsin Memorial : Dec 9-10 (Madison, WI)

I finished 3-0=1, and gained 19 points to end up at 1885. I split the $100 class A prize with David Cardenas.

Complete Results

Round 4 - Me vs Richard Wagner(1900) - Win

I could have won a pawn with 13. Bxf6. but I decided to go into a closed position with active pieces, my king's bishop had a lot of scope, and I could expand on the queen side.

15...f5 creates a backward pawn on an open file, and a hole on e5 which the king's knight now is itching to occupy.

17. Bxc6 the bishop gives his life so that the king's knight can occupy e5. (The knight is humbled by the bishop's selfless act).

18. Ne5 This knight is an octopus!

18...Qh5 Looks dangerous for White, but there is nothing here. Time to defend!

20...f4?? Black blunders

23. f3 although this was not necessary I wanted to stop all counter play by black

25. Rc4 The rooks are planning to double themselves on the b file

27. h3 more prophylaxis

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Round 5 - Jeremy Kane(2065) vs Me - Draw

I have choked in the last round many times in the past few weeks, and was determined not to let that happen this time. Theory in this variation of the Caro Kann goes from the opening all the way to the ending, where Black is suposed to have excellent drawing chances. Kane missed the book move 12.Qc6+. I offered a draw right after this, but it was declined. He then offred a draw after his final move and I accepted. Although I thought I was better, I figured that that chances of me making a mistake were higher.

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  1. Where are your games from this tourney ?

    Good result btw.

    Jon Burgess