Friday, October 05, 2007

4 Round G/100 at Hales Corners

I am playing in a 4 round G/100 tournament at the Southwest Chess Club . After 3 rounds there are two plyers with 2.5 and I am the only one with 2. I will probably play James Coons. My record against Coons is 4-3=1

Click here for the Games

1. Sep 20 Loss Me vs FOGEC, THOMAS G (1639)
2. Sep 27 Win
3. Oct 04 Win MUNOZ, DANIEL A (1805) vs Me
4. Oct 11 Loss Me vs COONS, JAMES J (1922)

My results 2-2=0
Round 3
I blundered another rook, but still managed to win!
The following is a critical position. exf5 was the correct move, but I played gxf5??

Round 2 - A Knight fork
Here I played 18...Nd3 which wins the f pawn.

Round 1 - Chess Blindness

It's been a while since I made a gross blunder. I was hoping not to make any of those especially with a huge time advantage, but that's exactly what I did. In the following fairly equal postion I played Re3??
It's interesting that I explored
Re3 Bxg2
Qxg2 Qxc1
But decided that I could just play Rg3. So I was considering the the c1-h6 diagonal, but somehow missed the e3 equare.


  1. Must have been something in the air Thursday night. I played two of the worst chess games ever. I lost one in 18 moves, and the other in 10 moves. Ugh!

  2. I can guess what followed. Qxe3+ Kh1 Bxg2+ Qxg2 Qxc1+ Qg1 Qxc3 losing 2 rooks and a pawn for a bishop.


  3. I decided to call it a day after Re3.

  4. I made almost an identical blunder in my game against Jim Coons, except it was a bishop I dropped.

  5. That hurts. You might try the technique recommended by the Russians - and once again USCF legal? - of writing down your move before playing it.

  6. hey ivan, if you really want to get to 2000, start focusing on analysing your games yourself, fritz, and then your coach (if you have one) and then a quick review. If you have a tight schedule, it would be wise to drop the blog for a while so you have more time :)

  7. and don't just whip through a game in 5 minutes. Analysing your games intensively will have more effect than doing tactics. Although, you should still do tactics and endgames, but analysing games is the key step to improving. Trust me.

  8. Brian,

    Thanks for the input.

    Will you be playing in Madison Oct 6-7?

  9. will you be playing in the midwest class??

  10. Yes, I am planning on playing in Chicago Oct 13-14

  11. Hey Ivan, Heres a suggestion to get you to 2000..

    Switch your federation status to 'Russia' so your opponents will be scared of you when you play them.

  12. very nicely done!

    gladly, yes, i have just added you to my blog roll.

    i saw you once before, but have a semiconscious habit of never or almost never adding links to folks the first time i see them, rather, wishing to bump into them again, so see some trend or connection or longevity.

    as you know, many folks, nice enough but passing, come here, all breathless like nietzsche proclaiming a Transvaluation of all values, write for a month or two or three, then die out like a flame gone out... so i inhibit links. while i have many of them, this is a process of 15 tp 16 months...

    i do have a logic to order, and placed you in the serious chess player group. as i read you more, and or you read me more, can move you up. its not an ego thing, but in part chess level, and in part relational stickyness.

    chess relearner is not a high elo but a serious blogger, and a very smart guy, very good person.

    wormwood is also very smart, but not very relational, and had him high up, but had to move him down as he neither posts much now, nor communicates much. good at chess.

    warmest, david k, seatttle
    close friend of GM Seirawan's

  13. a MOST impressive game presentation tools. is this hard to implement? i am neither a beginner nor way advance in computing, but confident enough and, as yet, have found nothing like this. this is the bomb!

    what i like is that it is the same clean interface that chessbase users for its java aplets for presenting tournment games.

    is it in the public domain, and, if so, do you mind telling me where it is available?

    regards, david

  14. ChessBase has a function that creates it all for you.

    Once the files are created you just store them somewhere and link to them.